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The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial enthralled audiences with a glimpse of the two movie stars’ stormy marriage, but believe it or not, the proceedings could have been even more sensational.

The opening of a trove of 6,000-page documents revealed how the two sides fought hard during the search phase of the trial over what could and could not be accepted. The situation between the parties was so acrimonious that during Heard’s statement, there was a long conversation between the lawyers regarding the Kovid security precautions.

From Heard’s point of view, Judge Penny Azcarte pretty much took the jury’s eyes and ears out. After a jury awarded Depp $10.4 million in damages, his lawyer, Elaine Breedhoft, appeared today and complained that the panel had not heard other evidence in the case that had been allowed in Depp’s UK trial, where he lost his case for a story against The Sun that identified her as a “wife beater”. was. “We had a lot of evidence in this case that was suppressed in the UK case,” Breidhoft said.

Heard won the $2 million verdict against Depp, and both sides are appealing their respective decisions.

When contacted today by Deadline, neither Depp or Heard Camp responded to a request for comment on the mass unsealing.

Among the details in unsealed documents:

metadata. While a witness on Depp’s team suggested at trial that photographs of Heard’s injuries may have been edited, in line with the presumption that they had been tampered with, Heard’s team did similarly regarding photographs submitted by Depp. had guessed. Forensic expert Julian Eckert cited “inconsistencies to question the authenticity of the documents.” Notably, Hurd’s team “reveals limited metadata that ‘created,’ ‘modified,’ “received,” and “sent” dates are July 22, 2019, although Mr. Depp claimed that the photo was taken in March. Was taken in 2015.” Depp’s team called the claims “irrelevant” and lacking in foundation. The judge rejected the Heard team’s intention to pursue the case.

fetish pictures, Heard’s team claimed that Depp’s lawyers had sought to present “irrelevant personal matters” such as nude photos of Heard and “Amber’s brief stint as an exotic dancer years before Mr. , which was trying to suggest or imply in a frivolous and malicious manner that Ms. Hurd was once an escort. He argued that the allegations he was an escort were “baseless, incendiary, irrelevant, and designed to harass and humiliate Amber Heard.” Depp’s team wrote in March that they did not expect such evidence to be presented, but that it was “possible to imagine a scenario in which such photographs could be very relevant in the context of this case, e.g. To show the lack of visible injuries.” He also mentioned evidence of Heard’s tenure as a stripper “or rumors that she was an escort early in her career.

“However, Mr. Depp reserves the right to use such materials in so far as they deem necessary upon rebuttal, and in any event, the trial is a fluid process, and all of these issues are potentially relevant and should be reserved for final decision in the trial.”

He was kept out of trial.

Marilyn Manson Texts. Depp’s friendship with Marilyn Manson was cited during the trial, but his lawyers were concerned about a “crime by association”. According to the New York Post, unsealed records show that Manson wrote to Depp in 2016 that he was in “amber 2.0” status. Depp texted back, “I was reading a lot of material on that and sociopathic behavior… it’s real my brother!! My ex is C- GODAM TEXTBOOK!!!” Lawyers for Ms. Depp argued that Heard’s attempt to discredit Mr. Depp by associating him with Mr. Manson is more prejudicial than probable. The texts were withheld from the trial. Manson is pursuing his own defamation suit. , which has sued former fiancé Evan Rachel Wood and others over her abuse claims.

Depp’s medical history. The actor’s team acknowledged his substance abuse history, but there were other parts of his medical history that they sought to exclude. He argued that his medical condition was “marginal or of no potential value.” An example: Proof that Depp took Valtrex, Nexium and Cialis.

If Heard wins. In a November 2020 statement, Heard’s lawyer asked Depp how he would react if the jury ruled in favor of his ex-wife and whether he would consider it only “the opinion of seven people.”

“No, I’m not going to say that it is the opinion of seven people. Listen, it could be the opinion of one man, it could be the opinion of 200 people, it could be the opinion of a thousand people, and they Can assume I did something I didn’t partake in. What Ms. Heard accuses me of. It’s purely fiction, so I can only hope that people will listen and understand the truth That’s true, but I don’t think – the young soldiers who were raiding the beaches of Normandy – I don’t think they were saying hey, let’s have pizza tonight. I think they knew that What will they do?”

“So what am I saying if – if it turns out, in this particular case the verdict comes… in Ms. Hurd’s favour, then that’s what will happen, but it’s not going to let me go, oh my god, I must have Will happen.”

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