Maximum quality/price – Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 128 GB at €189.73

Its next premium smartphones are certainly desired, but Xiaomi starts the year 2022 with more affordable products. This is demonstrated by the Redmi Note 11, a mid-range with a good value for money.

After a series of half Note 10, Xiaomi recovers with this Redmi Note 11. The Chinese firm’s entry-level smartphone is a good proposal for those who need a terminal that can do everything, without necessarily standing out. Without performing miracles, this model corrects a passable photographic component in its predecessor and offers a good Oled panel. Finally, its autonomy is very correct in 60 Hz or 90 Hz.


  • Classic design, but effective.
  • Good Oled screen after calibration.
  • Improved photo panel compared to the previous generation.
  • Good performance for entry level.
  • Excellent autonomy.

Weak points

  • The night photo again and always in the background.
  • Without 5G.


The Poco M4 Pro is an affordable smartphone that is enjoyable to use. It has a good LCD screen -once calibrated- and a very comfortable battery life. Its chip allows you to enjoy a smooth multitasking experience, but it quickly shows its limits in video games. Its photographic performance is limited, but it will be adequate for occasional use in good light conditions. The competition is serious, but this Poco M4 Pro is still a good option at around €200.

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