Meghan Markle, a “narcissistic sociopath”: “survivors” of her personal swing!

After the funeral of Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry returned to the United States to reunite with their children. They thought they could gain peace of mind because now an ocean separates them from the royal curiosities, but no! for the book Runners: the hidden power behind the crown du Valentine Low, journalist and expert on the British monarchy, here they are again, finally especially her, at the center of the scandal. Certain explosive extracts were revealed by The times

Too demanding with her outfits at a time when she and her husband had not (yet) decided to say goodbye to the British monarchy, Meghan Markle did not really make her attendees happy, to the point of being described as “narcissistic sociopath“. Some call themselves”members of the Sussex Survivors Club“, as revealed by the sunday time which revealed new excerpts from the book. In this, the former star of Suits he is accused in particular of having prepared, at the same time as his departure from the royal family, a list of tests. And while they had done their best to take good care of the Sussexes at the time, her assistants came to believe that Meghan Markle had premeditated everything that happened and that “one of [ses] concerns was whether she would be able to earn money on her own.“An ex-staff member even throws that out”wanted to be rejected“and some believe they were duped by the Duchess.

Among the members of theSussex Survivors Clubfeatures Samantha Cohen, who was personally asked by the Queen to step in as the couple’s private secretary and who worked for the Sussexes after their marriage in May 2018 until the end of their tour of South Africa in September 2019. While the Lawyers for Kate Middleton’s rival had denied the latter’s accusations, saying she had been bullied by Prince Harry and his wife, here she is putting a layer on the book. She believes that she has worked for “teenagers”, been “unhappy” and has been pushed to the limit by the couple.

Worse yet, in the book, always to support that Meghan Markle had very specific and above all premeditated projects, it is revealed that she had already made it known in 2019, during her six-week break in Canada, that the couple would not return. she would not return. In short, she would have calculated everything. Already yesterday, still through this book, it was revealed that she had imposed an ultimatum on Prince Harry at the beginning of their relationship. A cargo book, then. Now it remains to be seen if the much-criticized couple will respond to this…

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