Meghan Markle jaded: this outstretched hand of Camilla who rejected

Specialist of the royal family, the journalist Angela Levin, who relied on the personality of the minor of Carlos and Diana with her Conversations with Prince Harry, approached the one who became queen consort of the United Kingdom on September 8, Camila. In his biography, he reveals a bit more about the alleged relationships between Meghan Markle and the one that happened, not without a stir, to Lady Di. Revelations that emerged shortly after the funeral of Elizabeth II that showed the royal family reunited and highlighted the tensions between the members and the couple formed by Harry and Meghan, parents of Archie and Lilibet installed in the United States where they no longer exercise royal functions . .

the Telegram revealed excerpts from this book called Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor (“Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – a royal survivor”), highlighting a relief initiative allegedly taken by the former Parker-Bowles Camilla that Harry’s wife allegedly rejected. According to the author, Carlos’s lover had organized lunches with Meghan when the latter was taking her first steps within the family real. Carlos’s wife wanted to give Meghan advice so that she would be successful in her arrival in the royal family, but her attempts were in vain. Meghan wouldn’t have given it away.

In an excerpt from the book, Angela Levin claims that Camilla was very willing to help Meghan at the beginning of her relationship with Harry, as she herself experienced difficulties when she officially arrived with Charles. She would have a warm welcome to the american actress when she arrived in London and wanted to advise her on how best to handle the media pressure and all eyes on her. She didn’t want us to suffer from all this attention. According to the royal expert, Charles, at the time Prince of Wales, was delighted with Meghan’s company and often chatted with her about culture. However, despite all these efforts, Meghan Markle seemed to be fed up with these offers of help and she would have preferred manage “in their own way” its relations with the Firm, as the British crown is nicknamed.

Two women in front of the company

Camilla had also made another particularly notable effort according to this book. When Meghan Markle undertook her first project as a member of the royal family in 2018, a cookbook to fund a community kitchen venue for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire in London, Charles’s wife had invited the duke and the Duchess of Sussex to look after cook recipe book meals that Meghan had resolved.

When we learned how much Camilla would have liked to do her best for Meghan’s arrival at the ‘Firm’, another piece of information emerged: Harry would have proposed a solution to ease tensions, call a mediator, but would not. not very well received by his father and stepmother, to the point where he spits in his tea when he finds out about his stepson’s idea. Camilla ally of Meghan or not? Two visions of the one she also has been hated for a long time both by the royal family and by the British people, so attached to the princess of hearts Lady Diana.

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