Modified herpes virus could be effective in fighting cancer

This is the story of a 39-year-old Englishman who was told he was doomed. He had cancer of the salivary glands and no treatment was working anymore. Until he was offered to participate in a test at the Cancer Research Institute in the British capital… The latter consisted of injecting the herpes virus into his tumor, reports the Daily Mail. Two years later, the man is still alive .

The clinical trial of this viral therapy is in its infancy. Only 39 patients affected by skin cancer, esophagus and head and neck, have benefited. Some of them received injections of the genetically modified virus, the other received a combination of the virus and a drug, nivolumab.

very interesting results

The miracle Englishman got the first version and had the virus injected directly into his tumor every two weeks for five weeks. The goal of this type of attack is “colonize” the tumor with the virus, and make it “explode”. The expected result: the immune system wakes up and fights the disease.

In the group treated with the modified virus alone, three of nine subjects saw a reduction in tumors.. Of those who received the virus combined with the drug (30 people) 7 had beneficial effects. If this may not seem like much, scientists point out that at this stage of the research, it is colossal.

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