Montceau-les-Mines: TSB Festival 2022

For the opening of this new edition of the TSB Festival, Yannick Noah literally set Embarcadère: Montceau-les-Mines on fire, the first concert of a 26-date tour that will take Noah to Olympia on December 14!

Full room, rented folding seats, the atmosphere is there even before the concert begins… applause, tears,… songs,… The public wants it, the public is hungry!

And then, in a dark room, the musicians arrive on the set and Yannick Noah, in the room, sitting next to his aunt from Dijon, begins the first piece of a setlist made up of old and new titles.

For almost two hours, Yannick Noah did not stop, moving constantly, as if on a court, going to meet the spectators who soon got up to dance and sing, pick up the choruses, share this powerful and unique moment with the artist. , accompanied by first class musicians and singers.

She performed songs from her new album “La Marfé” which will be released on October 21, 2022, including “La vie c’est quoi”… And yes, time passes and you have to live in the present… , We don’t have time / No regrets or grudges, head elsewhere, head elsewhere / Life is now, we see the big things / We erase the pain, we put our hearts in it, we put our hearts in it from our hearts / Life is now, life is now »

He specifies that he returned to the bled… during the pandemic, a trip to Cameroon… and finally, it was good, the opportunity to find the other half of him… for “Back to Africa”.

“I come from the Ardennes,” he says. A wild boar from the Ardennes, but I am also a Cameroonian lion…”, to launch “Métis”

For “Aux Arbres Citoyens”, a dozen children are invited on stage and the entire room sings with their fists raised. Surreal image!

And what about “Frontières”, his own Imagine…

“I’m talking about a world that we will have to build

that so many men before us have dreamed of building

Childhood utopia or lifelong struggle

Darkness or love, the choice is ours.”

An optimistic concert, together with good humor and communicative warmth.

Noah distills sharing, transmitting, showing solidarity,… proximity

After this endless COVID outing, repaint the walls of negativism with the colors of the rainbow over Afro-reggae-funky rhythms and… good doses of sun and good humor!

Yannick Noah has things to share: he talks about love, brotherhood, Africa, solidarity, transmission,…

And don’t forget: “Life is now!” »

JL Pradines

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