moved, Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) reveals the problems that his rare disease poses to his GPA project

Matthew and Alexander of Love is in the air They separated. But the horse breeder continues with his GPA focus. This Friday, September 23, he told his Instagram subscribers that his rare disease had important consequences for his project and could well delay it.

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Matthew and Alexander of Love is in the air they announced if they separated “by mutual agreement”. However, the two men had undertaken a GPA (Gestation for Others) process for several months to become fathers. The horse breeder even flew to Colombia to make this project a reality. The farmer told Jordan De Luxe that he would now undertake this project alone. “I organize my professional life to work at home. The decision is that I am going to make the baby by myself. So I went to give my semen”, he had explained. He mentioned in passing that “The baby was to arrive in fifteen months. His godfather and godmother have already been chosen.

The clinic wants to prevent embryos from being carriers of Mathieu’s genetic disease

But as Mathieu revealed, this Friday, September 23, in the story of your Instagram accountyour approach turns out to be much more complicated than expected for the rare disease he suffers from.Surrogacy: Emotional Uplift…Not Every Day is a Good Dayhe pointed out first, before explaining to his subscribers, visibly affected, what worried him. “So you know that I have this disease, which is a genetic disease. And the clinic there asked me for a blood sample from my parents and myself. They will send me kits here. I have to find them, if I return them.” or bring them to Spain. mostly they asked me for a blood sample from my dad. Except my father passed away in September. It’s complicatedMathieu confided in front of the camera. Therefore, the farmer had to take steps to approach a geneticist specializing in Cadasil’s diseasewho referred him to a colleague who specialized in preimplantation testing. “The idea, since my father is no longer here, is that they know the entire perfect genome of the disease, they can communicate between Colombian geneticists and French geneticists about how to detect the diseased gene in future embryos. to prevent my child from being a carrier of the disease“, he detailed.

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An emotional boost for the horse breeder

A disappointment for Mathieu, who thought that things would be much easier. But his illness is so rare that it complicates the deal. “So, it’s going to take much, much longer”, he lamented. “In addition to being an experience that all moms and dads will be able to witness as an emotional lift. When you have a rare disease, it’s even more complicated. We add the complicated to the complicated“He added, visibly moved. Alexandre’s ex-partner took the opportunity to iron a rant against the rulers who do not speed up the adoption process. “Complicated period there because I do not master the timing and feasibility”, He concluded. He should be able to count on the comfort of his subscribers in this new ordeal.

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