Myriam Abel accused of being “disfigured by surgery”: they reveal the truth about her transformation

Myriam Abel is back in the spotlight. The 41-year-old singer, who won the New Star in 2005, she was the guest of Jordan De Luxe on his show at jordan’s house, in C8. And she took the opportunity to talk about a topic that she had talked about a lot during one of his television appearances: cosmetic surgery.

Last spring, the former M6 candidate made an appearance on the show The 10 shows we miss the most in C8. And she had surprised netizens. Many people are convinced that she has resorted to cosmetic surgery too often. And they did not hesitate to let him know by posting messages on social networks. “Oh Myriam Abel, what did he do?! This face, what a pity!”, “No, but Myriam Abel, unrecognizable! Stop the surgery, it’s too much!“, in particular we had been able to read.

Jordan De Luxe therefore took advantage of his presence on his show to talk about it. “They shot me. I recognize it there, when you see the photo… I don’t know if it’s the makeup or maybe I just had injections. I didn’t do too much for myself“, First trusted. Myriam Abel then clarified that she injected (paid for by her husband Roland Baron) and therefore that it was not “irreversible“.”I don’t go on an operating table, after a few months, it fades. Later, television caricatures a bit. People saw me on the street and said ‘ah, it’s not the same'”, he defended himself. Then he confessed that she had been touched“Seeing all that was said.

During the broadcast night, Myriam Abel is “exceeded 20,000 visits” in his stories and received many messages that spoke of his physique considered unrecognizable “.Myriam disfigured by surgery…’, although I did not operate“, a poursuivi la charmante blonde. Et d’assurer qu’elle n’a fait aucune rhinoplastie contrairement à ce que certains pensaient. Elle a ensuite révélé que son époux dépensait 300 à 400 euros pour les injections et ce, deux à trois fois annually. “I like that ! (…) I assume to do injections to look good and reduce small signs of aging“, he said. Then, to conclude, he confessed that he could redo his chest after his great weight loss.

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