NBC Starts Premier League Season With a New Voice, and Focuses on All 20 Teams

NBC will begin its 10th season Premier League coverage this Friday after securing a six-year deal with the competition reportedly worth $2.8 billion. The agreement put two of America’s most respected soccer brands together until 2028. However, this season, the network’s decades-long relationship with the world’s most popular domestic league will have a different tone in the broadcast booth.

Renowned English broadcaster Peter Drury has joined NBC as chief Premier League commentator, replacing Arlo White, who has had a similar role with NBC since its first season of Premier League coverage in 2013–2014. had played. White has since joined the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf as chief commentator. Drew recently called a UEFA Champions League match for CBS Sports, but he has long been a familiar voice in the UK.

Drury was the guest athletics new podcast Copa with Felipe Cardenas To discuss his decision to join NBC, which he revealed the network first contacted him in April. The official announcement was made in early July.

“I was too easily seduced because NBC’s reputation in the broadcast world of the Premier League was won over very quickly and it has grown since then,” said Durie on the podcast. “It’s a team sheet you want to be on. I don’t think there can be a better league in the world of football than this.”

Drury’s enthusiasm will now be a special feature of NBC’s weekend coverage as he joins an established US-based studio crew including Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earl, Tim Howard, Danny Higginbotham and Robby Musto.

Lee Dixon and Graeme Le Soux will team up with Drury on location to provide colorful commentary, including an opening weekend triple-header. Drury, Dixon and Le Sox will be on call for Crystal Palace v Arsenal on Friday, Everton v Chelsea on Saturday and West Ham v Manchester City on Sunday.

Those games all include teams with ambitions to finish in the top four, but the strength of the Premier League product extends beyond that; NBC Sports Group executive John Miller told Sports Business Journal He believes that is central to his transmission.

“We focus on all 20 clubs – we don’t just focus on the big six,” Miller said. “To be true to the league, you have to pay attention and coverage to all 20 teams.”

The Sports Business Journal also reported a huge jump in the overall reach of the Premier League, who is The number of viewers who had the opportunity to see the ad. Reportedly, the Premier League had a total US reach of 30 million last season, with 13 million total in the US before NBC acquired the rights to the league. In short, NBC’s Premier League coverage ad spend and its marketing engagement are performing well.

Drew himself argued that despite NBC’s reputation as a production giant, the Premier League’s on-field product would continue to attract audiences.

“The truth is the most established brand of them all is the Premier League. That’s what people tune in for,” Drury said. “They don’t tune for me, they don’t tune for Rebecca Lowe and the excellent panel they have. They tune because it’s a great competition. And my job and our job is to reflect all of that. And me Don’t think there is a better league anywhere in the football world in terms of its dynamics, its competitiveness, its 20 different agendas.

Lowe’s on Wednesday Told your 66,0000 Instagram followers This Premier League season is “going to be different in many ways” before asking viewers to do whatever they can to tune in this Friday for the season kickoff show on USA Network.

Much is evident from the scheduling conundrum over the opening weekend of the season, with most matches being moved to NBC’s streaming platform Peacock. The total available TV slots in the 2022 Women’s Open golf tournament on NBC are limited, so there will only be two games on television as a result. winter world Cup It played a role here, as it forced leagues around the world to start and end their seasons earlier than usual.

“Obviously, (the World Cup) is going to have a huge impact on this domestic English football season,” said Drury,

USA Network, which will begin its first full season as the home of the Premier League on cable television, will take on Crystal Palace v Arsenal and Everton v Chelsea. Spanish-language channel NBC Universo will also broadcast the games with Andrés Cantor on those calls, while Peacock will stream eight matches.

The ability to spin a peacock may not go well with viewers who haven’t signed up for the $4.99/month service. It should be noted that Peacock will be broadcasting every Premier League game this season live, as well as studio shows, full match replays and Premier League TV channels.

‘It’s kind of like a traveling circus’

As Drury noted, the biggest attraction of the Premier League to casual spectators is the level of competition.

“I’ve always loved the Premier League, and I don’t say it outrageously, but it’s like a soap opera and it needs its lead characters,” Durie said. “Jose Mourinho was a major character. Obviously Pep Guardiola is a major character, Jurgen Klopp, and we’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo Almost unimaginably one of the major characters in the Premier League now again, should he stay, should he go.

“It’s like years ago ‘who shot JR.’ It’s the kind of stuff that we have and these characters, which are so marketable in their own right, and an essential part of the ongoing narrative and the ongoing story,” Drew continued.

Drury referred to the Premier League as football’s “global league”, whose mega-stars tour the country’s holy grounds across England over the weekend.

“It’s, you know, again, I don’t use the word disrespectfully, but it’s like a traveling circus of the greatest players on the world stage, turning up at the door of the fans, who both see their teams as those players. Thrilled to compete against, but also just to see those plays in their own right, he said.

Stateside, this Premier League season will see an increase in American influence largely due to transactions in the current transfer window. Specifically, players of the US national team Chris Richards (Palace of Diamonds), Matt Turner (arsenal), antoine robinson And Tim Ream (Fulham), Tyler Adams And Brendan Aaronson (Leeds United) will join Chelsea’s American star Christian Pulisic,

Leeds United in particular will receive a lot of attention from NBC. The club’s American Legion, led by second-year manager Jesse Marsh, is a must-see television. Leeds United’s fast-paced style of play and crazy Elland Road atmosphere are the big draws, but the club’s season-long storyline will engage from American and USMNT angles.

“I must say it really excites me that the American football spectator, as in football, as I say, can embrace Leeds United, because Legion ice is huge,” Durie said. “I’m really excited that Leeds United can be central to our broadcast with NBC, as that identity will be.”

(Photo: Matt McNulty – Manchester City / Manchester City FC via Getty Images)

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