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It is a film that has become a cult following over the years as it was received lukewarmly when it was released in theaters. With Fight Club, David Fincher propels Brad Pitt into another dimension and makes him a key player.

What is that talking about?

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The narrator, without a precise identity, lives alone, works alone, sleeps alone, eats his trays of food just for one person like many other single people who live in human, moral and sexual misery. This is why he will become a member of the Fight Club, a clandestine place where he can rediscover his virility, exchange and communication. This club is run by Tyler Durden, a kind of anarchist somewhere between a guru and a philosopher who preaches love for others.

Fight Club, a film written by Jim Uhls based on the work by Chuck Palahniuk and directed by David Fincher with Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf, Jared Leton… Available until September 30 on Netflix.

Brad Pitt’s best movie

Presented at the 1999 Venice Film Festival, Fight Club failed to achieve the critical consensus of the time. The film was even hotly debated, with some critics expressing concern that the film would inspire the youth of the time to replicate the same excesses that Brad Pitt’s character and other leads, such as A Clockwork Orange, had caused outbursts. in Great Britain.

As soon as it was released, Fight Club benefited from very good word of mouth and established itself among moviegoers for its technical innovations in terms of form and style. Over the years, David Fincher’s work has achieved cult movie status.

In 2003, Fight Club was listed as one of the “50 Greatest Uncle Movies of All Time” by the men’s diaryturning 20the square. In 2004 and 2006, Empire magazine readers voted it the eighth and tenth greatest film of all time, respectively. As for Total Film, Fight Club was ranked by journalists as “The Best Movie of Our Lives” in 2007 during the magazine’s 10th anniversary.

At AlloCiné, it’s Brad Pitt’s film the most valued by viewers, reaching a score of 4.5 with 93,324 ratings, including 2,776 reviews. If you also think that Fight Club is a monument, hurry to see it again before it leaves the Netflix catalog on September 30.

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