Netflix, Spotify, Oprah: what’s next for Harry and Meghan?

The death and funeral of Elizabeth II put an end to plans for the return of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Podcasts, documentaries, interviews and biography… Back in California, will Meghan and Harry resume their schedule as if nothing had happened?

For Meghan and Harry, life is slowly returning to normal in Montecito. After the joy of reuniting with Archie and Lilibet, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex went back to work. Meghan, who uploaded the first episode ofarchetypes on Spotify, he had started talking about his podcast in the US media before putting everything on hold following the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death. In particular, he had canceled his visit to the tonight show by Jimmy Fallon where she was a guest on September 20. The broadcast of the podcast is still suspended.

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What are your plans for the coming weeks? Earlier this summer, the British press speculated about a second interview of Prince Harry and his wife with Oprah Winfrey after the pair were seen visiting the host and producer. Nothing has come to confirm or deny this rumor… For now, if Meghan should resume promotingarchetypesThe Duke and Duchess are also due to finish production on their Netflix documentary series, In the heart of the Invictus, in which Harry has the main role. According to page sixthe platform would pressure the Sussexes to release the show at the same time as season 5 of The crownpublished in November 2022.

Harry has not given up, it seems that he will publish, in the fall of 2022, the first of four books for which he has signed multi-million dollar contracts with Penguin Random House. Even if the prince is “torn between his family and his wife”, according to the royal correspondent Robert Jobson –, you would probably like to smooth things over, you badly need this money to support your Hollywood lifestyle. Her memoir, written by writer John Joseph Moehringer, describes the prince’s misfortunes after Diana’s death, then her love for Meghan and her decision to leave royal life for her. All of this is certainly peppered with shocking revelations and venomous features that should greatly displease Charles III and William, the new Prince of Wales…

A truce between the Sussexes and the royal family?

The rare images of unity in public, meeting the crowd outside Windsor Castle or a distraught Charles III; Meghan’s seemingly sincere emotion at the funeral wasn’t enough to stop the criticism of the Sussexes or reconcile Harry and Meghan with William and Kate. Not even with Charles and Camilla.

Katie Nicholl, author of the book The New Royals: the legacy of Queen Elizabeth and the future of the crown (forthcoming soon), also said on Dan Wootton Tonight that the new Prince of Wales wasn’t ready to let go of the past: “William just can’t forgive Harry. He always thought Harry would be by his side.” but he now he has to fend for himself.”

Still, the two brothers and their wives showed a united face during the ten days between Elizabeth II’s death and her funeral. King Charles, for his part, is said to be interested in bridging the gap between the family and his youngest child. Posing as a goodwill mediator, CBS News reporter Gayle King, a staunch Meghan ally, preaches optimism. “There have been efforts on both sides [après la mort de la reine] to somehow defuse the situation. Families always live dramas, they always know disorders. It remains to be seen: will they come closer or will they move away forever?

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