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With Android 13 on hand, Samsung fans have been waiting patiently to get their hands on the next iteration of One UI: One UI 5.0. Samsung now launches One UI 5.0 public beta programbeginning with Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 PlusAnd this Galaxy S22 Ultra, We sideloaded the open beta on our Galaxy S22 Ultra and these are some of the first things we noticed. One UI 5 is the name of Samsung’s next major Android-based software and will be based on Google’s Android 13 release. The current open beta is currently available for download in Germany and South Korea, but will also be available in the US later.

If you have an eligible device and want to give One UI 5.0 Open Beta a shot, you should be able to register for the beta program by going to the Samsung Members app and tapping on the One UI beta banner. On the following screen, tap on the Enrollment button and wait for a few minutes for the app to process your enrollment. After that, go to the Software Updates section in your device settings and tap on Check for Updates to download the open beta release. It may still not necessarily be available in your region. Read on to see some of the latest features in One UI 5 that we’ve been able to see!

One UI 5.0 New Features and Redesign

Stackable Widgets

First and foremost, Samsung has added the ability to stack widgets on your home screen to the default launcher. To do this, you have to hold down the widget and tap “Add Widget”, and then you can select from any of the normal widgets on your phone to add it. You can then swipe between them, and your phone will intelligently try to decide which one to show you at any given time, providing you with relevant information. If you want them to remain stationary, you can disable that auto rotation.

new material you color

now there are a ton more content you The colors to choose from are generated by your wallpaper. All of these can be applied and will change your system theme depending on what you choose. Apps that also support content You’ll change their color to the theme you choose, creating a sense of uniformity in your phone.

Privacy Hub

The Security & Privacy section in One UI 5 has been completely revamped. Now it’s a proper privacy center, similar to what you’d find on a Google Pixel phone. You can access anything security-related from one screen, instead of having to sift through your settings to find out exactly what you need. It looks great and also makes it easy to understand the security status of your phone.

permission request dialog

One UI 5 redesigns the permission request dialog box that will pop up in most apps. It’s now in line with the rest of Android 13’s design, with colored boxes for the “Allow” and “Don’t Allow” buttons, instead of letting them float in the box without any obvious barrier between the two different options. This makes it more accessible as there is now a contrast between the two buttons.

Tweaked Notifications

Notifications have been changed a bit in One UI 5. The icon on the left is now enlarged, and the “Notification Settings” and “Clear” buttons have been made more specific so that their limits on who can accept a single tap are more specific.

Recognize text anywhere with optical character recognition (OCR)

This is one of my favorite features ever, and it’s really simple too. You can also hold and hold any text input box and tap “Extract Text.” It will then launch the camera, and you can use your phone to read text from the real world and transcribe it to your phone right away. You can use it for Google searches, to send information to friends, or even to take notes from a book or pamphlet and save them to your phone.

recognize text in pictures

That optical character recognition extends to photos that are already stored on your phone. If you go through your gallery on your phone, and if text is recognized in an image, you can tap the “T” in the bottom right to highlight that text. You can then copy or share that text directly from your phone’s gallery.

multitasking gestures

Samsung has added two different features to help you with multi-tasking. The first is a swipe from the top corner to open the current app in pop-up view, and the second is a two-finger swipe from the bottom to open the split screen view. This should make multi-tasking between your apps fast and easy when you need to, and you can choose between the two at any time based on what makes the most sense.

Pro Mode Camera Helpers

A histogram has been added to the camera’s Pro mode, as well as helpers that describe what each lens does. It might help you understand when it’s best to use each of the different lenses on your phone when you’re filming.

Expand your surroundings with accessibility options

One UI 5 has some accessibility changes, but the most notable one is the introduction of magnifying shortcuts that can be accessed from anywhere on your phone. This will immediately launch the camera in a zoomed-in state so that you can use it to see things far away. This is great for people who may have poor vision or be short-sighted. You can also invert colors and turn on the flashlight once the camera is launched, and there’s the ability to take a photo so you can see what you needed to see frozen.

take notes during the call

Take Notes During Calls on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

This is likely to be a feature that is limited S Pen devices like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but a new option has been added during phone calls so that you can take notes during the call. It works with the S Pen and appears as an overlay, saving the note as “Call with X”, where X is the name of the contact or their phone number.

OneUI 5.0 brings some great improvements so far

Beta Software Alert One UI 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.  running on

One UI 5.0 has some really cool improvements to the user experience, although this is apparently only the first open beta so far. Obviously there are going to be bugs, but I haven’t identified any problems on my unit that I didn’t already have. On the surface, this doesn’t look like a major update, but new features like optical character recognition are huge, as they make it so much easier to scan text from the world around you and place it on your smartphone.

If you want to try out the beta, you can enroll through the Samsung Members app. As is customary though when it comes to beta, it goes without saying that you should be careful with your data and make sure that you back it up beforehand. There’s no telling what bugs might be lurking in this build, and sometimes, the bugs can be devastating. We would not recommend using it as your daily driver, although you can take the risk and do so if you wish.

For now, One UI 5.0 is shaping up to be one of the best updates that users can expect to see on their devices in the coming months. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for new updates, and be sure to come back for more One UI 5.0 coverage as new features and other changes are discovered in the future!

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