No hitter in RBI World Series on Day 1 of 2022

As the Chicago White Sox RBI scored the final run of their 11-1 win over Nobu Yamauchi RBI in six innings on the first day of the RBI World Series on Tuesday, reality was slowly setting in for Justin Hart.

He threw a no-hitter for the White Sox.

“I didn’t get a really good response when they first told me, because I was still in that phase of being locked out,” Hart said. “I was like, ‘Oh well, so what.’ But when I actually had time to process it, it was like ‘Oh shoot, I’ve done something huge.'”

The White Sox are one of eight teams participating in the senior division of the baseball edition of the RBI World Series at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Fla.

Hart played six innings conceding just one run in the fourth innings. He dismissed eight batsmen and conceded an unearned run to one. Yamauchi’s lone run resulted in an error as well as the game’s lone run.

That walk woke White Sox coach Reginald Barker and other coaches as well.

“I don’t think any of us realized that he didn’t have a hitter until he ran with the first man,” Barker said. “Then Coach Troy and I were like, ‘I guess he hasn’t missed a hit. Then Coach Troy was like, ‘Don’t say anything. We can’t say anything now.'”

Barker mentioned how good Yamauchi is and the importance of making a statement in the first game of the tournament. Keeping this in mind, he gave the ball to Hart. Hart’s ability to use all four of his pitches helped Chicago start the tournament the way Barker had envisioned it.

“He did just that,” Barker said. “He came out and he delivered.”

When Hart was among his no-hitters, his team gave him a chain to wear. The series usually goes to an offensive player, but the no-hitter caused Barker to change his mind.

“Man, if he gets three up, three down, we have to chain the pitcher,” Barker said. “We have to show some love to the pitcher too. It turned into an offensive and defensive sort of thing.”

Hart said he was unsure why he got the series and was asked to pitch only until the end of the game.

“What are you giving me this for,” said Hart. “He was like, ‘You’ll know after the game.’ So I just wore it and went on till the end of the game.”

Chicago started the game with a first innings score of five runs and never looked back.

Hart, who is in his junior year of high school, is also a part of MLB Develop’s Breakthrough Series and Hank Aaron Invitational. With his fourth time playing at JRTC, he said the complex has become his second home.

Hart also mentioned how each event has helped him improve his skills and the importance of focusing on the little things in baseball.

“You get a lot of experience learning from past MLB players and MLB coaches,” Hart said. “It’s just fantastic.”

Barker echoed Hart’s sentiment, mentioning how events such as the Breakthrough Series, the Hank Aaron Invitational, and the RBI World Series show that there is more baseball outside of his hometown and help improve participants.

“We certainly commend MLB for the programs they undertake as an initiative to play the game of baseball,” Barker said. “Those kids come back and once they come back from it they’re totally different kids. They seem to have more intelligence about themselves. Once they’re back from the initiative they’re better bowlers .

The White Sox will continue pool play on Thursday and elimination play begins on Friday. With their warm start to the tournament, Barker hopes the White Sox can stick to the formula that led to their 2-0 start.

“Keep our fingers crossed and hopefully the ball keeps bouncing our way,” Barker said. “Playing error-free baseball and hitting and pitching well on time. They are recipes for championships. Just trying to win the championship, that’s all.”

The following are the results of the August 3 game in the baseball portion of the 2022 RBI World Series. Located at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Fla., the first week of the RBI World Series features 16 baseball teams from Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, and the following U.S. cities:

, atlanta
, Chicago
, cleveland
, Durham
, Hilo (Hawaii)
, houston
, miami
, new Orleans
, Patterson (New Jersey)
, pittsburgh
, Williamsport

August 3 Results in Senior Division, ages 16-18:
Cleveland Guardians RBI (2-1) Patterson RBI (2-1) 6-5. Defeated
Houston Astros RBI (2-1) beat Nobu Yamauchi (HILO, HI) RBI (1-2) 8-6
Miami Marlins RBI (2-1) beat Pittsburgh Pirates RBI (0-3) 14-0
Chicago White Sox RBI (3-0) Puerto Rico RBI (0-3) 11-6 . Defeated

August 3 Result in Junior Division, ages 13-15:
Atlanta Braves RBI (1-1) Chicago White Sox RBI (1-1) 9-6 . Defeated
Helping Kids Round First (Nicaragua) RBI (2-0) beat Williamsport RBI (0-2) 10-0
Chicago Cubs RBI (1-1) Long ball Durham RBI (1-1) 15-2 . Defeated
Nobu Yamauchi (HILO, HI) RBI (2-0) beat New Orleans Youth Academy RBI (0-2) 7-0
Long Ball Durham RBI (2-1) Helping Kids Round First (Nicaragua) RBI (2-1) 6-5 . Defeated
Chicago White Sox RBI (2-1) beat Nobu Yamauchi (HILO, HI) RBI (2-1) 13-5
Chicago Cubs RBI (2-1) beat Williamsport RBI (0-3) 8-1
Atlanta Braves RBI (2-1) beat New Orleans Youth Academy RBI (0-3) 7-1

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