Nvidia finally confirms that it is working on a new, more powerful chip

There have been many reports for several years of the existence of a Switch Pro, a Nintendo console that is even more powerful than the current Switch. Nvidia has now added fuel to the fire of speculation.

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Last year, several Bloomberg reports revealed the existence of 4K dev kits for a new Switch Pro. nintendo still had assured not to work on any new modelsbut Everything now suggests that the Japanese giant has a more powerful console in its boxes.

In fact, last June, the famous leaker @kopite7kimi had revealed on Twitter that the successor to the Nintendo Switch would use the T239 chip, a custom version of the NVIDIA Orin chip. Based on the Ampère architecture, it features a GPU with 2048 CUDA cores and a CPU with 12 ARM Cortex-A78AE cores. While it was only speculation until now, an Nvidia employee finally officially confirmed the existence of such a chip Some days ago.

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Nvidia is working on a more powerful chip for a Switch Pro console

As Reddit user followmeinblue reports, the existence of the NVIDIA Tegra239 chip has been confirmed by the company via a developer comment found on the Linux Kernel mailing lists. The Nvidia employee’s comment also confirms that the chip will feature an 8-core CPU.

In portable mode, the new switch would be essentially as powerful as an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. However, once connected to the Dock, it could benefit from a performance boost thanks to internal Nvidia technology. Indeed, the next Nintendo Switch would finally be compatible with DLSS technology, which would allow it to display games in 4K. As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch 2nd Generation Graphics API contains references to DLSS 2.2 and ray tracing support.

At the moment, it’s hard to tell when the next Switch Pro will launch. Every year, new rumors indicate that the launch is imminent, but none so far have managed to hit the mark. Anyway, now we know for sure that the device exists, which means that Sooner or later Nintendo will tell us more about it.

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