Official opening of the Preparatory Office of Tsing Hua University Hospital in Taoyuan

HSINCHU, Taiwan, September 22, 2022–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–On August 20, the Tsing Hua University Hospital Preparatory Office was officially opened in the Xinkong Building of Taoyuan Metro Corporation’s Qingpu Depot, which is just one subway station away from the hospital’s construction site. .

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At the opening ceremony (from right to left): NTHU Senior Vice Presidents Tai Nyan-hwa and Lyu Ping-chiang, NTHU President W. John Kao, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan , Former NTHU Chairman Hocheng Hong, Taoyuan Metro Chairman Liu Kun-I, and Taoyuan Aerotropolis Chairman Chen Si-jhen. (Photo: National Tsing Hua University)

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and the Taoyuan Municipal Government have already signed a letter of intent outlining their plan to jointly establish a world-class medical center serving the local community; the project also includes support for the training of bilingual teachers and support for science education and experiential education in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools in Taoyuan.

The Preparatory Office was officially opened by Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan and NTHU President W. John Kao.

Mr. Wen-tsan played a key role during the initial stages of the hospital project. He pointed out that Taiwan excels in both electronics and healthcare, two disciplines taught at NTHU, and that is why he has been a strong supporter of NTHU through all the difficulties that arose during the planning phase.

Mr. Wen-tsan emphasized that an ambulance will only take 10 minutes to travel from Taoyuan International Airport to the new hospital’s emergency room, and that in addition to cosmetic surgery and medical tests, the hospital will also offer intensive care and boron neutron capture (BNCT).

In addition, the hospital is expected to become a major center for the development of advanced cell regeneration technology.

President Kao said it was a very important day for NTHU, as the faculty has had medical education in its sights for a long time. The dream finally came true, noting that “today marks another stage of this 50-kilometre journey between NTHU and Taoyuan, which has taken 66 years.”

Kao also noted that this year could be considered the “year of medicine” at NTHU, as the first graduating class of medical students recently joined.

The hospital will be located near Hengshan Station (A16) of the airport subway line, on land provided by the city of Taoyuan. The size of the plot is 7.2 hectares, of which 5 hectares will be used for the hospital itself, while the other 2.2 hectares will be used for the associated teaching and research facilities.

Lyu Ping-chiang, senior vice president of NTHU, said the “BOT” (build, operate, transfer) concession agreement will be finalized by the end of this year and construction will start next year, shortly after the transfer of the parcel. . The hospital is expected to be completed by the end of 2027 and to open in 2028.

The hospital will initially have 200 general intensive care beds, an intensive care unit, a respiratory care unit, negative pressure isolation rooms and a psychiatric unit for inpatients and outpatients, whose progressive expansion over several years will allow reaching a total capacity of 910 beds.

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