Officials, tariff shield… the main measures of the 2023 budget

The moment is always solemn. The government of Elisabeth Borne presented, this Monday, September 26, the draft finance law (PLF) for 2023, a budget that it considers “responsible and protective”, according to the expression of the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Mayor. These are the main measures of the text:

As previously announced by the government, in 2023 a tariff shield will be maintained on electricity and gas prices, although in a less protective version than in 2022. The increase in regulatory tariffs will be 15% (from January 1 2023 for gas and February 1, 2023 for electricity), when they would have doubled without public intervention, according to Bercy.

The cost of the energy shield is estimated at 45,000 million euros in 2023. But Bercy estimates that the real cost for the State will be only 16,000 million euros (11,000 million for gas and 5,000 for electricity), thanks to mandatory taxes on renewable energy producers, who must return to the State part of the profits linked to the price explosion.

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In total, the budget for “ecology, sustainable development and mobility” will be 26,500 million euros in 2023, compared to 20,600 million in the first finance law of 2022 and 29,900 according to the finance reform law voted in the summer , which includes the discount device for each liter of fuel, (…)

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