Olivier Marchal separated from Michèle Laroque: their unexpected meeting when he was an inspector

Oliver Marchalwho will meet this afternoon at the movie the crimson rivers sure France 2He is a confirmed actor, who has already proven himself. But his career as an actor might never have seen the light of day without the valuable advice of his partner from the 80s, who was none other than Michèle Laroque. A period of his life that he returned to in 2020 during his time on the show. i love you etc sure France 2.I met her, she was a police officer in the anti-terrorist section and we used to go out to clubs a lot with my group.” he said, before going into a bit more detail.

And I had met an architect from Nice who was having a party at her house, and since she is from Nice, she was at the party. But she was starting out in Paris, she was at the Blancs-Manteaux, she was playing a show called Save the baby women. I was not at all in the theater yet. We had a little crush. But I didn’t see myself telling my father: ‘I’m going to Paris.’ it was a little…” he recalled, he who had no ambition to become an actor, despite his experience in theater with the Jesuits at Saint-Joseph-de-Tivoli high school in Bordeaux.

a crooked fate

But it was without counting on Michèle Laroque, who finally managed to convince him to embark on this field. “She told me: ‘If you want to be an actor, you have to try.’ She’s the one who made me rehearse my auditionHaving taken numerous theater lessons at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris, while continuing his work as an inspector for the PJ, he quickly had his first experience in the cinema under familiar conditions, as he played the role of a detective in the movie Don’t wake up a sleeping cop. He permanently left the police in 1994 to devote himself entirely to his acting career.

On the other hand, his relationship with Michèle Laroque will not have lasted. But he will have remade his life with Catherine Quiniou, whom he married in 1995. They were also parents together of Léa (in 1994), Zoé (in 1998), Ninon (in 2006) and Basile (in 2009). Michèle Laroque, for her part, married the director Dominique Deschamps, father of her daughter Oriane (born in 1995), before meeting the mayor of Troyes François Baroin, with whom she still shares her life.

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