Only one thing was missing from your Nintendo Switch: this must-have accessory and on sale

news good plan Only one thing was missing from your Nintendo Switch: this must-have accessory and on sale

Although Steam has entered the handheld market with its Steam Deck, the Nintendo Switch still holds its place as the most complete console on the market. However, who says complete does not mean impeccable and we have found something for you to correct the latter.

Amazon is selling the price of SanDisk’s official Nintendo Switch micro SD card

If you are lucky enough to have a good Nintendo Switch (Oled or not), you can stock up on games thanks to this excellent offer on Amazon.

Because yes, the Nintendo Switch may be one of the most complete portable consoles to date, unfortunately it lacks many Gigs to never run out of storage space.

If this problem is not new to consoles and even PCs or even smartphones, here we offer you an excellent solution.

Indeed, the American giant does not stop offering good deals and this time it is the Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch that are on sale.

We recommend these 3 models in particular:

  • SanDisk Map 128GB MicroSDXC Ultra: €29
  • SanDisk Map 256GB MicroSDXC Ultra: €49
  • SanDisk Map 512GB MicroSDXC Ultra: €97

Buy the SanDisk micro SD card for €29 on Amazon

These are all official Nintendo Micro SD cards stamped with an Animal Crossing or Toad logo and many others.

The SanDisk MicroSD card, simply the best accessory for the Nintendo Switch

Without a doubt, the success of the Nintendo Switch is not going to stop. With as many indie game releases as there are new releases, the console has a very strong position in its market.

If you have ever held one in your hands, you should know that the console is functional and adapts both to your trips and to your gaming sessions in your living room. Although they are obvious assets, there remains a flaw that the console is still struggling to overcome.

In fact, it is the internal memory, which very quickly reaches its limits. Only one solution, buy additional memory.

To do this, you’ll need a MicroSD card with sufficient performance, which SanDisk’s official Nintendo Switch MicroSD card is capable of doing. In reading they are capable of reaching up to 100 MB/s and in writing 90 MB/s.

Once installed, the MicroSD card does not require any installation, you will only have to install your next games.

Buy the SanDisk micro SD card for €29 on Amazon

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