Orpea will hire massively to “take better care of the neighbors” and its staff

The company wants to operate its transformation. Orpea, the group of private nursing homes shaken since January by a scandal that questioned its practices, announced on Monday, September 26, that it intended to hire a massive workforce to “better care for residents, staff and carers through an ambitious recruitment and continuing education program”. The goal is to hire 550 people per month by the end of the year, half of them nursing assistants, before moving to 800 monthly hires from 2023.

The group, which manages more than 350 establishments in France, presented the conclusions of its “General Statements”, launched in May to collect complaints and suggestions from residents, their families and staff.

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A transformation plan for the group “in a few months”

Present in twenty-three countries, Orpea has been in crisis since the launch of the research book. the gravediggers, of the journalist Víctor Castanet, last January, which reveals acts of mistreatment of neighbors, and accuses the group of accounting fraud and questionable practices in human resources.

After these revelations, the justice opened a preliminary investigation in April for institutional mistreatment and economic crimes, following a government report.

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“We are in the recruitment process, it is very difficult, it is not just an Orpea problem”told journalists its new CEO, Laurent Guillot.

To speed up their hiring, the group must “also rebuild the human resources team, in particular with staff in the regions to recruit as close as possible to our establishments”, underlined Mr. Guillot. The latter will present a transformation plan for the group “In a few months”.

The health sector, and in particular the care of the elderly, is currently facing a shortage of personnel, due to working conditions considered difficult due to low wages.

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