Overview of Chiefs’ training camp from day 5

Monday morning, Kansas City Chiefs Joseph was back at his practice area at Missouri Western State University in Missouri, Missouri, for the fifth full practice of the team’s 2022 training camp — and the first in the pad.

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Arrowhead Pride editor-in-chief Pete Sweeney was watching everything beat up journalists and television crews, among other prominent figures present there. Pete’s Overview already posted on twitter,

right off the bat, Pete see a change in the weather,

Chiefs head coach talked about it after practice,

all had to bear A Fear About Quarterback Patrick Mahomes,

Of course, Mahomes is tough. completely beaten he is expected to be back on tuesday,

As promised, the head coach also gave something Clarification on injury sustained in Saturday’s practice session,

Fortson’s absence from the practice area was Good news for another player From the tight end room.

grey, however, Wasn’t the only one who caught Pete’s eye,

Even in the heat, the chief deliberately launched a long offensive,

But the unit of the backup quarterback quickly scored,

Pete notes a couple Surprise on the defense of the first team,

The veteran linebacker is now on his fifth NFL team — and Wants to take full advantage of this opportunity,

many people expected the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide receiver Justin Watson will be one of the stars of the training camp. but until monday, he wasn’t,

a pair of defenders made some strong plays,

another wide Had some amazing times with the first team,

With Full Pads, You Can Always Expect Some 1-on-1 Practice,

Deandre Baker showed — and cornerback Watson continued to impress.

Pete Matched Pass Breakup and Interception,

…with some 1-on-1s from the trenches,

star tight end shouted about the center of the second year,

Both the rookie defensive end and his latest mentor some good representatives,

head coach He said he was impressed with No. 55’s pace,

Clark’s nominal backup getting some workvery.

And as you might expect, Butkicker did what he does best,

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