Patrick Bruel in shock, explodes after a dark lie about Florent Pagny

If there is one thing Patrick Bruel is supposed to fear, it is being perceived as a traitor, taking advantage of Florent Pagny’s illness to enrich himself.

Ici Paris magazine announces the cover of its edition of cits week that the two singers suffered from. And we thought it was cancer, a sneaky disease in which the coach of La Voz would be overthrow pass after eight months of combat.

Actually, the badly mentioned is the rumour, in reference to the fact that Patrick Bruel would have received a check for one million euros to take the place of Florent Pagny.

“True or false? This is not unimportant because if she were real, she would brand Patrick as a traitor who would have no qualms about taking advantage of his friend’s absence to take his place and enrich himself,” the weekly reported. And this it is the reason why whoever shares Clémence’s life has pushed a tirade on Twitter, and in various other media.

“I really like La Voz (and I hope to see my friend Florent Pagny again soon in top form in the red chair), but this year he never considered participating as a coach. “.

“It is unfortunate how much a rumor, a fake news can take up so much space! I have not been contacted by TF1. They had contacted me in the past several times to do so. But this time they didn’t contact me, there was no shadow of an argument. There was never any doubt that I would be on The Voice this year. These sums of money were never discussed. “, she exploded.

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