Patrick Sébastien reveals having overcome kidney cancer and talks about his separation

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TV presenter Patrick Sébastien is going to publish a book in which he announces that he has undergone surgery for kidney cancer. He evokes the separation with his wife Nana and returns to his eviction from France Télévisions.

“It was a tsunami that hit me.” Cancer, separation, job loss… these last few months have been very difficult for Patrick Sébastien. The television host recounts these difficult months in the book “Vivre” that will be released on September 29 by Ediciones XO.

It was last January when he discovered the disease. During a follow-up ultrasound, his doctor noticed a small white spot and prescribed an MRI and biopsy. The verdict is in: it’s kidney cancer. “Although it was 3 centimeters, it was non-invasive and did not require chemotherapy,” says Patrick Sébastien on the set of the Buzz TV. He is operated on and remains eight hours under anesthesia. “Rehabilitation and convalescence were complicated,” admits the 68-year-old driver. Even today, a 40 cm scar reminds him of his cancer, now cured.

Patrick Sébastien links his cancer to his expulsion from France Télévisions. “It’s not directly related, but there is a link between stress and health,” he explains to Buzz TV. She recalls that he was diagnosed with melanoma after his mother’s death.

Two months after his operation, Patrick Sébastien returns to the stage. He also has to deal with the separation from his wife of 30 years, Nana. A separation that he describes as intelligent. “It’s an exemplary separation, amicably. We can part without tearing each other apart,” said Patrick Sébastien, who had adopted a girl, Lily, with Nathalie Boutot nicknamed Nana. “After the années, on avait des vies différentes. Elle a eu envie d’avoir plus de liberté. Ça ne change pas grand-chose, si ce n’est qu’on n’habite plus ensemble”, explain-t-il within Gala. However, the couple does not want to divorce! “She continues to be a support. We continue to work together, she takes care of my production house. I can’t be an artist and manager. So she is the one who manages.”

Kicked out of France Télévisions in 2018, Patrick Sébastien says he doesn’t miss television. Only production is missing. He finds happiness in himself on stage and continues to tour regularly. What are you watching on TV today? Rugby on Canal +, “Secrets of stories” and “Questions for a champion”.

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