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Pinterest is best known for shopping inspiration and design ideas, but the company’s latest product seeks to inspire its users to tap into their creativity. The company has quietly launched a new iOS app called shuffle To put together collages using photos, image cutouts and other animated effects. The app is currently in invite-only status and has the ability to join a waiting list from its home screen.

According to Shuffles’ description on the App Store, users can use Pinterest’s photo library to create their own collages or snap photos of the objects they want to incorporate using the camera. They can also crop individual objects from within an image using a single tap – a feature that remembers iOS 16’s own clever image cutout capability, Images can then be rotated, layered and resized on the screen in the Shuffle to create collages, and animations and effects can be added optionally. The final project can be shared with friends for collaboration or posted to public groups where others can “remix” the original creation in their own way.

The app’s description reveals that it can be used to view room makeovers, fashion ideas, moodboards and more.

While the company didn’t formally announce its plans around Shuffles, a Pinterest spokesperson confirmed that the app is welcome. Its new in-house incubator, TwoTwenty.

“Shuffles is a standalone app created by Pinterest’s innovative incubator team, TwoTwenty. Shuffles are an engaging way to create, publish and share visual content,” said the spokesperson. “For more on our platform for creative inspiration With more people coming in, we’re constantly experimenting with new ways to help pinners and creators bring their ideas to life.”

“Since this app is in its early testing phase, we have no additional details to share on record at this time,” he said, refusing to share more about his future plans or monetization potential.

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Start Last November and named after Pinterest’s first office, twenties The goal is to promote more internal experimentation on social networks and to increase the pace of innovation. Other tech giants including Meta, Microsoft and Google have made similar efforts with their own incubators – Name, Microsoft Garage And Sector 120, respectively.

In the case of Pinterest, the company has been working to transition from its past into an image pinboard and bookmarking site that helps adapt e-commerce transactions to today’s creator-driven era where consumers can access video content. Inspired to make purchases. To meet consumer demand for videos, Pinterest releases its own TikTok-like idea pin And A live shopping feature, Pinterest TV. The latter was also actually launched by the team at TwoTwenty.

But TwoTwenty isn’t just for experimenting with video. The organization, consisting of engineers, designers, and other product experts, aims to research, prototype and test a variety of new ideas to see if any gains are traction. Those doing so will be handed over to other teams within the company to scale up.

The early-stage Project Shuffles is one of those ideas.

What’s interesting, Pinterest’s new app is similar to a mobile collage maker that Meta ran a few years ago through its in-house incubator, the NPE Team. Known as, Kind Zine Maker developed a small following who enjoyed creating mixed media collages that combined images, text, and GIFs. But like almost all Meta’s NPE projects, was discontinued, Pinterest’s Shuffle may be looking to tap into the same consumer demand for image-based creativity and inspiration that Meta left off.

The app also comes at a time when there is an undercurrent of opposition to the idea that videos should be the only form of social expression and creativity in social media, as all the tech giants are trying to turn themselves into TikTok. Last month, user backlash against Instagram prioritizing friends’ content and photos reached a head after dusk Kardashian begged the app To stop trying to be Tiktok. Instagram rolled back some of its recent changes as a result but it’s still set on a video-first future.

Pinterest, in part, presumably understands that its own pivot to video may not be able to sustain users’ attention indefinitely in the face of the TikTok threat. Finding another area of ​​development through an experiment may offer new avenues to explore.

financially, the company Recent quarter earnings Proved solid from a numbers standpoint, but it was missed by user growth. Monthly active users declined 9% year over year to 433 million.

company is due to report Its second quarter earnings after the market close today. Of note, this will be the first earnings call since new CEO Bill Ready took over from co-founder Ben Silberman, who was transitioned as executive chairman. on 29 June 2022,

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