Prince Andrew: Elizabeth II’s son soon expelled from Windsor by his brother, Charles III?

Will Prince Andrew be King Charles III’s first target? A tenant of Crown property, the Duke of York could be expelled by his brother.

  • Will King Charles III crack down on Prince Andrew?
  • The Duke of York could be expelled by his brother
  • It was until then defended by Elizabeth II

Protected by Isabel II, hated by Carlos III? Defended body and soul by his mother for many months and during the sex scandal in which he was cited, Prince Andrew is now concerned about the treatment reserved for him by his brother, who became king of England since the death of Elizabeth II. , last September. 8th And according to the first indiscretions, he has reason to be uneasy since Carlos III could decide to make a coup. The sovereign, who is trying hard to keep his promises to rationalize the monarchy and slow spending, is said to be about to expel his younger brother from Windsor. According to information from the Daily Mail, indeed, The Duke of York is said to be awaiting a letter advising him to leave the Royal Lodge..

For years, this 31-bedroom property on the Crown Estate, one of the UK’s largest Crown apartment owners, is where he has lived. Since King Carlos III had warned of wanting to get rid of some assets and reduce the costs of the monarchy, specialists now await a review of the extensive portfolio of Crown properties, which covers more than 200,000 hectares of land. This examination could lead the British sovereign to decide to expel Prince Andrew. of the mansion where he lives with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson and the corgis that belonged to his late mother. If that were the case, the father of princesses Eugenia and Beatriz would be in debt for a significant sum of money.

Carlos III “merciless” with his brother Andrés?

Years ago, he signed a preferential but undisclosed 100-year lease on this property that belonged to the Queen Mother. Thanks to this document, Prince Andrew could be compensated up to 7 million pounds sterling in case of breach of contract by the Crown. As the Daily Mail reports, Prince Andrew owns no property other than a ski chalet he bought with his ex-wife in Verbier for £18m.. Later, the Duke of York was forced to sell it to settle his debts, since he could not pay the 5 million pounds sterling that he owed to the seller, the French socialite Isabelle de Rouvre, who sued the court. But his time at Windsor is not over yet.

A source told The Sun that Prince Andrew, considered “under the protection of the queen”, would not be expelled from the Royal Lodge in the near future, since he “It would seem ruthless to evict them so soon after their death.” If he is asked to leave, the Duke of York will have to find new accommodation. In fact, Prince Andrew sold his former marital home in Sunninghill Park near Windsor, which was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II. The 12-bedroom property had been up for sale for five years before Timur Kulibayev bought it out of the blue in 2007 for £15m. But there is no doubt for him King Charles III be understanding with your brother. On the contrary. The sovereign must quickly make strong decisions to wash the honor of the family from him and further alienate the Duke of York, whose royal titles had been taken away by Elizabeth II.

Prince William wants to ‘ban’ Prince Andrew

Prince William, the new Prince of Wales, should help him as he cut off all contact with his uncle this year. “Andrew will not have a public role or comeback, if the Prince of Wales has a say in the matter, and I assure you he does.Robert Johnson told Metro. For Prince William it’s simple, it should be banned.” King Charles III and his heir, Prince William, want the queen’s funeral to sound “the end of Andrew’s public appearances”. Her Majesty will have to decide whether or not to finance her brother’s lifestyle, as the Queen did. The Duke of York is estimated to have received £21 million a year from the private income of the Duchy of Lancaster, which is now under Charles’ control.

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