Prince Harry and Meghan Markle frustrated: this (very!) great gift that Queen Elizabeth II denied them

Decidedly, the prince harry and Meghan Markle have built up frustrations in the royal family! Disappointed with the treatment they received compared to Prince William and Kate Middleton, and having to abide by the monarchy’s strict rules, the couple they should also have been forced to live in a place they had not chosen. In fact, after their marriage, they both would have liked to stay in an apartment in Windsor or in Kensington Palace… what the queen would have refused.

In fact, according to the upcoming book by expert Katie Nicholls, who should soon reveal the secrets of the crown, the sovereign would have preferred to entrust them with Frogmore Cottage, not far from the castle… but it was under construction at the time. A way to keep them away from London but closer to her? Surely: the entrance to the house is located a few meters from the entrance used by the queen to get to the castle.

It was a great gift for her. ‘I hope they respect it’ she had said, besides“says a source today. But it was just the beginning of the problems: indeed, a few months later, the couple had announced to move their offices from Kensington to Buckingham Palace, formalizing the break with Prince William and his wife. Some months later, they left for the United States forever.

Frogmore Cottage is still theirs

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they will let the cabin go. : When the couple goes to the UK, they put their suitcases there, even though Princess Eugenie now lives there from time to time with her husband Jack Brooksbank and their 1-year-old son August. During the Jubilee, they had even left their children there in a safe place to attend Friday mass, before celebrating her daughter Lilibet’s first birthday there.

And again this September: while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had planned to spend just a few days there, they were eventually forced to remain there until the queen’s funeral. Elizabeth II, on September 19. A deadline that allowed them to renew some fragile contacts with Prince William and Kate Middleton. In fact, they now live just a few meters from their house in the new country house they moved into in September.

What to imagine soon Lilibet and Archie playing in their garden with their cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis (9, 7 and 4 years old)? The prospect is still far away… but we hope so for them!

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