Prince Harry: This nervous breakdown before calling his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II

In 2019, while on an official tour of Africa, Prince Harry would have suffered a huge nervous breakdown when he had to call his grandmother, Elizabeth II, to tell her about a very special project for his wife, Meghan Markle.

This surprises no one: Prince Harry is a special being within the royal family. And the latter demonstrated it again in 2019, in an anecdote that only came to light three years later. At the time, while on an official tour of southern Africa, the Duke of Sussex reportedly had “a real nervous breakdown” before having to call his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, to talk to her about a very exciting project. special from his wife, Meghan. Markle.

The latter was about to sue the press agency “Associated Newspapers Limited” after this medium published personal and allegedly confidential letters between her and her father, Thomas Markle. To contextualize, the princely couple and their son Archie had just finished the first day of a long weekend in Africa and Prince Harry had to warn Elizabeth II that Meghan Markle was going to make the news because she intended to attack this medium in court Communication. days after her return.

Prince Harry has totally lost control of his nerves

Inevitably, Harry had to warn his grandmother lest she be surprised by the turn events could take after Meghan Markle came forward with her complaint. But according to the book by Valentine Low, a journalist specializing in British royalty, entitled “The Power Behind the Crown”, Prince Harry totally lost his nerve before pulling out his phone to warn of his wife’s intentions.

This is what the book in question, which will be on sale in bookstores in early October, says:Harry had a huge fit of hysteria before he had to talk to the Queen. So when he joined his team for a drink at the bar on Sunday night, he sat there, so tense and nervous that his private secretary, Sam Cohen, told him advised to drink a beer to relax a bit“.

Meghan Markle’s story reignited Diana’s story for Prince Harry

The revelations don’t stop there. It is also written in Valentine Low’s book that Harry also made a statement to his team condemning the media and accusing the tabloids of waging a ruthless campaign against Meghan Markle., embarrassing her almost daily. But before she made her statement public, she absolutely had to make this phone call to her grandmother, that she had the gift of putting it in all of her states.”

Once this was done, obviously no one knows what Harry and Elizabeth II said to each other over the phone, the Duke of Sussex issued an official statement which read: “There comes a time when the only thing that can be done is to confront this type of behavior, which can destroy people’s lives. I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is trivialized to the point of no longer being treated or seen as a real Person. I lost my mother and now I see my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.. As a reminder, the rift between the Sussexes and other royals has been in the headlines for the past two years, with Harry and Meghan criticizing their lives in the UK while speaking to US media since moving to California.

A book that is likely to make noise.

The book in question is likely to cause a stir when it comes out. Obviously, the climate is not conducive to an intrafamily war, just days after the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which shook the entire world. Going back to Meghan Markle’s trial, the latter won it by receiving a symbolic dollar from the Mail Sunday in addition to the rejected appeal. Summing up the decision, Judge Sir Geoffrey Vos said: “The Court of Appeal upheld the judge’s decision that the Duchess had a reasonable expectation of privacy from the content of the letter.”. But, therefore, the case is likely to make noise again…

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