Product reminder: this infant milk sold throughout France should not be consumed!

Many products, see their names, have been on the recall list for many months. However, if some are going to be brought back as a precaution, for others and that is, because consumer health it looks commitment for this product. Some recall causes can even lead to death. But it is a baby product which is currently being withdrawn. We will explain everything here.

A recall concerning infants

It was on Tuesday that a product was added to the already extensive list of withdrawn products. The product just added by the government site candia milk for babies. Therefore, it is marketed From July 22nd. and this in Goods many stores.

In fact, Candia milk, which is the subject of a recall, has already been on the market for two months, and this, in many points of sale in France. it turns out that of many major retail brands sell this brand. We thus find Auchan, Carrefour, E. Leclerc, Cora, Intermarché, Casino and in the U. If this product is the subject of a recall, it is because the bottles appear poorly conditioned.

This problem seemed to have been brought to light by the consumers themselves. Many people have noticed that the cap of the Candia milk bottle seemed oddly peeled off. Therefore, it alters the quality of the product. That is why it is the subject of a product recall. This problem is the cause of a heat seal. But the consequences can be dire. The open operculum can let bacteria and the like in and thus contaminate the milk and its consumer.

the product in question

The removed item appears to be a pack of 24 Candia Baby Junior 4 bottles of 250 ml. It is intended for children between 20 and 36 months.. The Rappel Conso site announces that the lots in question are “Lots 22SM4047185, 22SM4047186 and 22SM4047187 for barcode 3533631193003”. You can also find the lots “22SM4047185, 22SM4047186 and 22SM4047187 with barcode 3533630900459”.

To do ?

Therefore, these milk containers seem to have been on the market for two months now. Therefore, a large number of people may be affected. Thus, it is necessary be very careful. It is better to review the product for nothing than to risk make a child sick. If you want more information, the government site reminder conso remains there for that.

If you ever find that you are in possession of this product, or another, that is the subject of a product recall, there are several possible options. Or you can bring back with a receipt in storesand the refund will have to do.

if you can yourself destroy the product ensuring that no one else consumes it.

For questions related to product recalls, a system has been put in place. To answer these questions, the phone number remains: 09 87 87 00 50. The process for this product will end on the 19th of next month.

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