PSG: new revelations about the departure of Neymar du Bara

Hired for 222 million euros by Paris Saint-Germain in August 2017, Neymar left FC Barcelona due to personal problems. In any case, this is the version told by the former football director of the Catalan club, Raúl Sanllehi.

PSG: news r

Neymar left Barça for PSG in 2017.

It is the transfer of the century. So in his best moment, Neymar (30) surprised everyone by agreeing to leave FC Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain. A transaction estimated at 222 million euros, the amount of his termination clause. Five years later, the Catalan club begins to recover little by little from this march that almost no Blaugrana coach saw coming.

Two days after the leaks about Lionel Messi’s requests to extend his contract with the Spanish formation, El Mundo made new revelations about the reasons for the Brazilian striker’s departure to the French capital by publishing the content of an email sent on 31 July 2017 by the then director of football, Raúl Sanllehi, Josep Maria Bartomeu, then president, and Oscar Grau, former general director of the vice champion of Spain.

Neymar’s father favored Barça

You can call me naive or crazy, but I’m not worried. I spent hours and hours with this man (Neymar’s father, editor’s note) and I think I know him well enough to know when he is lying and when he is telling the truth. In this case, I am absolutely convinced, he showed me that he was on our side. He never talked about asking for more money, he repeatedly asked me for help and to speak personally with his son. , we can read in the message of the Iberian businessman. A sudden turnaround that, however, could have been anticipated since PSG’s current number 10 had been dragging his spleen for several weeks.

I told everyone separately that the problem in this case was the player’s head. The guy is in a bad way, he has a lot of personal problems, he’s very confused and he’s very vulnerable. So he mistakenly thought that by running away from Barcelona he would also be running away from his problems (when he should face them and not leave). I spoke to him directly, several times, more than once I made him cry and more than once he confessed to me that he was lost. His teammates were incredible, they supported him until the end (but in the end they had had enough, like me, like all of us) Sanllehi continued.

The Neymar clan felt betrayed

For the main stakeholder, certain choices by the Barcelona leadership finally convinced Neymar to leave. I’ve had a lot of trouble with the father in the last few weeks. I talked for hours and hours. I assure you that he was with us until the last two or three days when he, from head to toe, felt betrayed when, the day before the Miami game, the subject of the pending signing bonus was not published. He interpreted that the club kept him awake to put pressure on him (and even took it as a threat). And that’s when we started to lose it. , the 56-year-old man concluded. Personal problems that obviously Neymar left behind when he landed in Paris.

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