Public: Success of the new Cyril Féraud game “100% logic”

On Saturday night, France 3 is at the top of the audience with a broadcast of the TV movie “The Mysteries of the Choir”, with Maud Baecker and Nicolas Marié. The thriller fascinated an average of 4.18 million viewers, in audience according to Médiamétrie. The audience share is 22.5% among those over four years old (4+).
During its first broadcast, in February 2021, the fiction had gathered 5.61 million people, or 23.3% of the audience.

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TF1 is in second place with “The Voice Kids”, hosted by Nikos Aliagas. The second night of the battles was followed by only 2.86 million telecrochet followers, or 15.2% of the public present in front of the television until 10:20 p.m. Entertainment narrowly leads the business target of female purchasing managers under the age of fifty (FRDA-50) with a market share of 19.9%. 2.43 million viewers stayed in front of the second part of the program (17.3% 4+/21.7% FRDA-50).
“The Voice kids” is at its lowest point on all indicators.
Last week, the first session of battles drew 3.16 million (19.4% 4+/ 30.3% FRDA-50).

Cardboard for the new game by Cyril Féraud

France 2 proposed “100% logic: the answer is before your eyes”, a new game presented by Cyril Féraud. Joined by guests Caroline Margeridon, Noom Diawara and Isabelle Vitari, 100 candidates tested their sense of logic to try and win the ultimate jackpot. The evening attracted 2.65 million onlookers, or 14.9% of viewers. The market share reached 19.5% of the female commercial target.
On September 3, Cyril Féraud federated 1.94 million players against “Le quiz des champions” (11.8% 4+ / 11% FRDA-50).

France 5 is at the foot of the podium with “Echappées belles”, the getaway magazine produced by Bô Travail. Ismael Khelifa embarked 1.13 million travelers on an unprecedented trip to Morocco, representing an audience share of 6.0% of the general public.

M6 is under a million with “Zone Evasion” magazine, presented by Ophélie Meunier. Farm Holidays attracted 842,000 French people, representing 4.7% of the night’s viewers. The stories were followed by 7.5% of female purchasing managers under the age of fifty.
The previous issue of “Zone Evasion” wowed 1.15 million people (6.3% 4+ / 13.9% FRDA-50).

On the side of the other channels,

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