Put in suspension of payments, Camaïeu still has no buyer or investor

Desperately looking for investors or buyers. According to the CGT, the majority union among the workers, the company ready to go northern, Camaïeu, placed in suspension of payments since the end of July, “does not have, at the moment, any intention or public offer for acquisition”. And this, a few days before the deadline of the Commercial Court of Lille. “The risk is judicial liquidation”, emphasizes Thierrry Siwik, delegate of the CGT.

Created in 1984, in Roubaix, in the north, the women’s clothing brand is in receivership, two years after its absorption by Financière immobilière Bordeaux, a company founded by Bordeaux businessman Michel Ohayon. At that time, the new shareholder had reduced the workforce from 3,100 to 2,600 employees and the number of stores from 630 to 510.

replenish cash

It is on Wednesday, September 28, that the leaders of Camaïeu must present to the commercial court their continuation plan to relaunch the company. “The shareholder must contribute 15 million euros to rescue the box and provide the necessary guarantees for the financing plan,” Thierry Siwik worries.

About ten days ago, a “draft” was presented to the commissioner judges of the Lille commercial court, then, the next day, to the staff representatives, specifies a company spokesman, according to The world. The scope of the social plan was not detailed, but the CGT estimated that around 700 jobs were threatened.

“Fifteen investment funds approached”

On Thursday, during a general assembly, the CGT delegate was even more pessimistic. “There is a week left to be convinced otherwise. 2,600 people risk losing their jobs if the court does not accept the management’s project,” Thierry Siwik told AFP. 20 minutes.

The latter ensures that CGT, “fifteen investment funds have been requested to save the company”. “We only had three responses,” she laments.

Contacted, the Camaïeu management did not respond.

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