Qatar World Cup: Insoumise France says “no to the dirty cup”

Mistreatment of immigrant workers, air-conditioned stadium, breach of Human Rights… The deputies of La France Insoumise expect a “strong response” from the government and encourage popular protest.

“No to the filthy cup”: LFI deputies reproached this Thursday for the celebration of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the “mistreatment of immigrant workers” and the “air-conditioned outdoor games”, demanding a “strong political response from the French authorities”.

“The deputies of La France insoumise express their deepest indignation at the intolerable spectacle of this World Cup in Qatar. We expect a strong political response from the government, the French political authorities and the President of the Republic”, they underline in a press release, less than two months before the World Cup (November 21-December 18). “We will support all the clear positions taken by the sports movement and the players themselves who make their outrage heard” Y “Let’s encourage the great popular protest movement that is rising in the country”add these elected representatives of the radical left.

Seven of the eight stadiums will be air-conditioned outdoors, while our planet burns!

LFI deputies denounce “the mistreatment of immigrant workers who worked on construction sites until the death of 6,500 of them because of their working conditions”. This figure, advanced by the British newspaper The Guardian, is denied by Qatar and some international organizations. Officially, there have been three deaths in the eight World Cup stadiums. LFI continues to denounce “Human rights not respected and LGBTQ+ rights violated” and the fact that “Seven of the eight stadiums will be air-conditioned outdoors, while our planet burns!”.

“A shame” for Mélenchon

We call on the French government and the President of the Republic to turn to the UN Human Rights Committee to assess the real situation in Qatar.”, they affirm. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the movement, had already judged in April 2021 that this World Cup was a “shame” : “Yes, if there was a boycott battle, I would participate, but I don’t have many illusions”slipped on RTL.

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The debate had also shaken the hemicycle of the Assembly last August, during the ratification of a partnership between France and Qatar on the security of the competition. France will send around 220 experts to the site – GIGN, anti-drone control, mine removal or search for explosives – to contribute to the security of the event, as part of an agreement signed in Doha on March 5, 2021. Left and RN then denounced the “ecological scandal” of this competence and the breach of human rights.

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