Rima Abdul Malak presents a 7% increase for Culture

The new minister is one of the winners of the arbitrations. The audiovisual public budget now amounts to 3,800 million euros deducted from VAT.

The budget of the Ministry of Culture will amount to 4.2 billion euros in 2023, an increase of 271 million (+7%), Minister Rima Abdul Malak announced during a press conference.

This endowment includes the Culture mission as well as the media components (excluding public audiovisual), books and cultural industries. In 2022, the budget of the Ministry of Culture exceeded 4,000 million euros for the first time.

In detail, among others, 711 million euros (+1.1%) are allocated to financing film and audiovisual production and video games in 2023, and 208.5 million euros will be allocated to the Culture subscription, that is, 9 .5 million additional credits.

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More generally, “the health crisis”, as the minister recalled, “came to speed up” certain “changes”. This period, therefore, “amplified the power of the digital giants” and “highlighted the social inequalities of access to culture.”

And to the ministry to outline “great challenges”: “what will become of our cinemas, our bookstores, our theaters, our museums, our operas in twenty years? What public will frequent them? What would our society be like if these places were condemned? empty?

Faced with “these threats”, the priority “is more than ever to get involved in artistic education from an early age and develop the desire for culture in the flesh of our youth.”

In addition, the Ministry of Culture intends to “affirm the place of French creation, of the French language, of French innovation in the digital ocean”. Betting, for example, “on the training of new talents guaranteeing, in this greater distribution, a fair remuneration for creators”.

As for public broadcasting, the endowment for 2023, as expected, amounts to 3.8 billion euros. But it is the mechanism that changes, since the fee has been eliminated. The money for public broadcasting now comes from part of the VAT.

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