‘Ring Nation’ on US TV won’t please privacy advocates

Ring Nation Presented by Wanda Sykes

Twitter Ring Nation Presented by Wanda Sykes


The Ring Nation Show Hosted by Wanda Sykes

TRANSMISSION- “Big Brother is watching you. » Often spread on social networks and in particular on tik tok, videos from surveillance cameras get millions of views. Videos that inspired the creation of a show: ring Nation, produced by MGM Studios, owned byAmazon. The program, available only in the United States starting this Monday, September 26, will feature videos of falls, dances and other unusual moments. But ring nation is not unanimous on the side of privacy advocates.

ring nation has been receiving a lot of criticism since its announcement. U.S. Senator Edward John Markey, who has investigated the privacy policies and civil rights protections of video doorbell maker Ring, acquired by Amazon in 2018, told the hollywood reporter last august “Let’s be clear, this isn’t America’s funniest home video: Amazon seems to be producing an outright commercial for its own Ring products and disguising it as entertainment.” He adds : “Too often, the Ring platform has made excessive policing and policing a real and pressing problem for American neighborhoods, and attempts to normalize these issues are no joke. »

Privacy advocates are sounding the alarm

Ring is often singled out by civil rights groups, in particular for violation of privacy, racism, or even associations with the police who would have had access to the footage without the consent of the surveillance camera owners.

“Ring Nation is the latest attempt to rebrand, normalize, and benefit from extensive policing of Black, Brown, and other marginalized communities disproportionately affected by police violence.”says Myaisha Hayes, director of campaign strategies for MediaJustice. “There’s nothing fun or safe about having Amazon or the police watching you every time you walk by your neighbor’s house.” adds Evan Greer, director of Fight for the Future. The two civil rights groups have also launched a online petition which demands the cancellation of the TV show.

asked by him MIT Technology Reviewtech and social change researcher Chris Gillard says the new show is just a ploy by Ring and Amazon to burnish their image.

For its part, MGM Studios assures the Hollywood Reporter that “Ring Nation will seek permission for each video from its owner and any identifiable individual, as well as the companies that own the rights to the clips.”.

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