Royals add pitcher Weaver and Missives, take away Rivera


Arizona Diamondbacks relief pitcher Luke Weaver (7) throws in the eighth inning of a baseball game at the Atlanta Braves, Friday, July 29, 2022 in Atlanta. (AP Photo / Brett Davis)


With Tuesday’s Major League Baseball trade expired and many Kansas City Royals players rumored to be potential targets As for the contending teams, the Royals struck several deals on Monday to acquire a relief pitcher.

takeover of royals right hand luke weaver From the Arizona Diamondbacks for the third baseman Emmanuel RiveraAnd he also added a left-hander anthony missewicz From the Seattle Mariners in exchange for a cash consideration.

It remains to be seen whether the deals have been made merely to increase their depth or whether they could be precursors of trades yet to be executed. However, Royals’ relievers, including Scott Barlow and Josh Stomont, have reportedly drawn interest from other clubs.

Royals general manager JJ Piccolo said of the possibility of more trades, “There are discussions going on, I think we have players who value other teams.” “We’re hearing a lot right now. Obviously there are a lot of good players that could potentially be traded. So we’re just waiting to see what we think, if anything matters to us.” Is. “

Piccolo said the Weaver deal has “protected” the Royals a bit if they found a deal that included one of their relievers.

“It was a concept we had with Arizona for a few weeks,” Piccolo said. “We knew how they valued Emmanuel, and they knew what our interests were and what we were trying to do with our club, especially Luke Weaver. It just took a while to get together Sometimes, I guess, you reach a deadline and things come together a little too quickly.”

Weaver and Missiwiz have both entered the majors, so if the Royals trade members of their bullpen away before the Tuesday deadline, they will provide veteran options.

Piccolo said Weaver will notably exit the bullpen this season, although the Royals believe he still has “upside down” as a starting pitcher.

They will reevaluate whether they will keep him in the bullpen after the season. In the next season, Weaver will also be in control of the club.

Rivera, a former 19th-round draft pick who made his Major League debut last season, posted a slashline of .237/.284/.399 with 17 extra-base hits and 22 RBIs this season. Scored in 63 games (53 starts).

The Royals picked Rivera for the minors on Friday. He has played repeatedly in recent weeks (16 at-bats from July 16) as the Royals played Niki Lopez at third base and Hunter Dossier recently debuted in third place After playing first outfield and first base.

Infielder Michael Massey also got a start at third base when the Royals spoke about their minor-league chances to fill the roster during their road trip to Toronto after being 10 players behind due to their vaccination status. .

Weaver, 28, has spent parts of seven seasons in the majors. He made his debut with the St. Louis Cardinals, who drafted him in the first round of the 2014 MLB Draft (27th overall).

Diamondbacks acquire Weaver in exchange for catcher Carson Kelly, infielder Andrew Young, and 2019’s competitive Balance Round B pick Paul Goldschmidt,

Piccolo said, “We have always admired him and valued him as a prospect as a kid coming into the draft when he was in the Cardinals minor-league system, and of course he traded to Arizona. ” “We’ve always liked what we’ve seen. He has really good stuff. His fastball is going to be anywhere between 94 and 97. He’s got one plus breaking ball, one plus changeup.”

Weaver, who made 80 of his first 89 appearances in the majors as a starting pitcher, has gone 24-36 with 1.38 WHIPs in 4-36 ERAs, 443 strikeouts and 431 1/3 career innings.

This season, Weaver has made 12 appearances (one start) and posted a 7.71 ERA with 1.77 WHIPs in 16 1/3 innings with 19 strikes and five walks.

Weaver spent a large part of April and May on the wounded list with swelling of his right shoulder. Weaver is expected to join the major league club in Chicago early Tuesday. The Royals will have to make changes to the roster to add him to the club.

The 27-year-old Missiviz will report to Triple-A Omaha. Piccolo pointed to left-handed bullpen options as the Royals lacked depth.

The Missiwis recorded a 4.61 ERA in 17 appearances (13 2/3 innings) with the Mariners this season. The Mariners named him for the assignment on Sunday.

The Missives, who made his major league debut during the 2020 season, posted an ERA of 4.48 in a career-high 88/1/3 with 86 strikes, 27 walks, 1.38 WHIP and a batting average of .275 opponent. ,

This story was originally published August 1, 2022 at 7:53 pm.

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