Selma Bacha Montpellier’s OL teammates at Grammont / D1 Arkema / J3 / Montpellier-Lyon (1-3) /

Montpellier 1-3 Olympique Lyonnais

Goals: Roberto (74me SP) // Horan (33me), LeSommer (71me) and Van de Donk (83me)

The Selma march.

After Reims and Soyaux, Lyon continued their impeccable performance by winning on the Montpellier pitch on Friday (1-3). Annoyed by mosquitoes during the warm-up, Les Fenottes were equally annoyed by Nérilia Mondésir, who set fire to the rear of the Rhône, without being rewarded for her efforts (50me63me78me). Not on his plate in the first half, OL relied on the quality of Selma Bacha’s passes: her free kick found Lindsay Horan’s head to deliver the French champions, under the deluge (33me).

More enterprising after the return of the locker room, such as the double opportunity of Danielle van de Donk and Horan (51me), Sonia Bompastor’s players doubled their advantage after a shot by Delphine Cascarino, repelled by Lisa Schmitz, but well followed by Eugénie Le Sommer (71me). Faustine Robert revived the MHSC from a penalty (74me) and OL had some scares, but Bacha delivered his second assist of the night, to Van de Donk, just to seal the deal (83me). Not yet clean sheetbut a third victory for the Fenottes, leaders of Sunday’s game against PSG.

Harvest, even in the middle of the harvest.

Montpellier (4-4-2): Schmitz-Lakrar (Mpomé, 89me), Gevitz, Deslandes, Torrent (White, 77me) – Bilbao, Boureille (Coquet, 89me), Skorvankova (Alexander, 89me) – Mbakem (Belloumou, 70me), Mondesir, Robert. Coach : Yannick Chandioux.

Lyons (4-3-3): Endler-Cayman, Sombath, Renard, Morroni-Henry, Horan (Egurrola, 79me), Van de Donk-Bacha, Cascarino (Becho, 88me), Malard (Le Sommer, 58me). Coach : Sonia Bombastor.


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