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Singer Amel Bent was just 20 years old when she began her career in music. And her success has led to strong family pressure.

the “pillar” of his family It was in February 2004 that French viewers were first able to discover amel folded. candidate of the second season of New Starhad seduced jurors by interpreting Bohemian by Charles Aznavour during his audition. Arriving in the semifinals, the one who became coach of The voice finished third in the competition and immediately released the first single, My philosophyfrom his album a summer day, went platinum. Quickly, the young singer who grew up in the Paris region is propelled to star rank in France. But her sudden success also affected her place in her family.

“At the age of 20 I was the head of the family, she confesses in front of Nikos Aliagas at the show 50′ inside Issued on Saturday September 24. I become a pillar in my home.” Being an important source of income for his family, the pressure of success it is even stronger for Amel Bent. “The people who live next to you, who sleep in the next room, don’t know what you’re going through. you don’t tell them anything she assures. So if I tell you I’m not doing very well, record sales, things. Suddenly she starts playing. ‘But how are we going to do it at home, the credit goes to Amel who manages everything. If he goes down, we go down with her.’”

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The support of Amel Bent’s family

“I’m not as strong as you think, I’m afraid”, the singer ended up confessing to her family through tears. In all transparency, she insisted on explaining to them that she was not winning. “not so good” their life that they could think and that, sometimes, she didn’t make any money. Despite the pressure of his position within the family, Amel Bent was able to count on the understanding of those close to him. “They have become my allies, but in everything! We have become a team.”, assured. This support is still relevant since during her third pregnancy and shortly after giving birth, the coach of The voice in charge of receiving the help of his family to accompany her in this new motherhood.

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