she trusts the disease!

Either evelyne dheliat is still known by the French as the one who presents the weather for many years, she still had to leave tf1 in 2012. The presenter of the time, adored by all frenchHe did not have an easy past.

In fact, ten years ago, evelyne dheliat I knew I had cancer. During one’s interview on september 20she came back on her hard fight against disease. We tell you everything!

Évelyne Dhéliat: her cancer

Ten years ago, Evelyne Dhéliat got bad news. Although ten years have passed, he remembers it like it was yesterday… In fact, in 2012, The meteorologist I have the bad news: she had cancer. a disease thatshe had to fight with courage

evelyne deliat

Évelyne Dhéliat returned to this long fight in the columns of our colleagues among usthis Thursday, September 22, 2022. The worst is the when we announce it to you, she entrusted our colleagueswith tears in his eyes, evoking the difficult past he lived through.

Talk about, always removes thingsadded the emblematic figure of Météo France !

evelyne dheliat did not stop targeting women that they are experiencing this feeling right now, and that they are going through a difficult time. I would tell him that fight and move on. Nothing is lost and everything is gained.

do not put your life on hold. I myself have known the hard side of operations do later, but I have always chosen to continue with my projects. Same if i had to leave tf1 for a while she never wanted that this disease defines.

Indeed, fighting is a choicea choice that Évelyne Dhéliat did not hesitate to make.

A disease that I did not want to face

In 2012, when the doctors gave him the bad newsShe didn’t know how to react right away. Indeed, this situation occurs often when a woman finds out thatshe has cancer. Évelyne Dhéliat therefore decided not to talk to the media about your illness.

evelyne dheliat

At first, she wanted to keep it a secret. I felt it was something personal and intimate. I always made a Cut clear between public life and private life. She didn’t want to brag. Also out of respect for the public.Evelyne Dhéliat trusted his interview for Entre nous.

However when the doctors explained that she could help other women, Évelyne Dhéliat has decided to speak. In fact, convinced by the specialistsShe talked encourage women to get tested.

evelyne dheliat

Évelyne Dhéliat wanted to have good impact attacking a taboo subject. So she finally decided to talk about it for promote prevention. It should also be remembered that, since 2004, Health insurance offers evidence.

All women ages 50 to 74 can benefit from a screen test supported every two years.

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