Should we believe in the BioPod, the future space farm that Interstellar Lab is preparing?

SPACE – The French start-up on Tuesday night presented a first BioPod, an agricultural module in a controlled and closed environment in which it is working for future lunar missions. But until then, why not use them on Earth?

maybe you saw only on mars ? In this Ridley Scott film released in 2015, Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon, finds himself trapped on the red planet for several years before the arrival of the next manned mission. A botanist by training, the astronaut then began to cultivate, with the means at his disposal, potatoes in the only available habitat, a dome designed to ensure the survival of six people for thirty days.

If he had his way, no doubt the astronaut would have had an easier life with a “BioPods” under hand In the long term, it is in any case in Space, to support the lives of astronauts embarked on long missions to the Moon or Mars, that Interstellar Lab best imagines its agriculture module in a controlled environment.

Hermetically sealed and self-contained

On Tuesday night, from its offices in Ivry-sur-Seine, the French start-up presented its first BioPod in an american show. Mounted on feet – “which allows it to be easily installed without any type of foundation”, specifies Barbara Bebilvisifounder and president of Interstellar Lab –, the module, all in an ellipse, is 7 meters high by 10 wide(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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