Singer reveals comments she has had since her hair change

The natural is no longer taboo. Long subjected to archaic and sexist dictates of beauty, today’s women assume their natural faces, bodies and hair. For several years, in fact, it is no longer uncommon to see celebrities proudly assume their white hair, signs of time and the passing of the years. Like Letizia from Spain, Caroline from Monaco, Josiane Balasko or even Lio, Zazie is one of those who has decided not to undermine her skull with color anymore. For a few months, the 58-year-old singer has been sporting her brown hair and some white strands. And if she is totally comfortable with her new look, the coach of La Voz received very limited comments.. On the set of Daily to present her new album this Friday, September 23, Zazie has indeed revealed the kind of comments that people have been making since she wears her natural hair.

“It’s quite funny how he makes people talk”, he initially lamented. And to add: “There is some questioning in this society of women, it is that, be it the prettiest or the weirdest, the comments that came to me were: ‘She is old but she is always pretty’”. With much humor and lightness, Zazie did not allow herself to be touched by these criticisms. “Yes, I can assure you, yes I have aged, it is normal, it is mechanical, every year”, the interpreter continued (…)

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