State to spend $1 billion in 2022 for electric car bonuses

EXCLUSIVE – The State has spent 525 million euros over seven months on bonds for electric cars and, incidentally, rechargeable hybrids. These bonuses should exceed 900 million in 2021. The balance of the bonuses continues to be in deficit for the State (-233 million in seven months).

The costs of electrification of the French car fleet are high for the taxpayer. The State has thus spent 525 million euros on premiums for the purchase of electric models and rechargeable hybrids, during the first seven months of the year. Therefore, the bill is likely to top $1 billion during the year (up from $901 million last year). Logic: electric vehicles have exceeded 12% of the tricolor market for new cars (in eight months), compared to 1% in 2018. Sales of electric vehicles will increase strongly year after year. decided to ban all sales of non-electric vehicles in 2035. For its part, it reached about 8% of the French market (more than eight months).

Nothing to do: this so-called ecological tax system remains stubbornly in deficit. It shows a negative balance of 233 million euros (in seven months), which should be maintained in the year in the same order as that of 2021 (-465 million). It was only 214 million in 2020. Public authorities are caught in their own trap. By dint of toughening the penalty, motorists logically move away from the thermal models that crash more and more. At the same time, the rulers encourage motorists to go electric… The sanction, toughened every year, only reported 292 million to the State (in seven months). Including the 13 million of a new tax related to the weight (from 1.8 tons). The State has stopped waiting for a rebalancing. He still believed in it for 2020. But tired, that was without taking into account the pandemic and, which offered higher bonus amounts (7,000 euros for an electric car) as well as the introduction of 2,000 euros for buyers of a plug-in hybrid.

Up to 11,000 euros in possible cumulative bonuses

Today, the purchase of an electric car entitles France to a bonus, which represents 27% of the acquisition cost, provided that the vehicle is sold for less than 47,000 euros. The maximum bonus is 6,000 e[…]


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