Steam: A New Feature Replaces Third-Party Sites Serving Valve

game news Steam: A New Feature Replaces Third-Party Sites Serving Valve

Valve is announcing a redesign of the game statistics interface on Steam, allowing you to view data previously only available on third-party sites.

The video game industry is often very (too much?) secret about some of their numbersparticularly sales and game attendance. Valve obviously decided be transparent

A redesign of Steam to replace third party sites

You know, we could already see the Statistical data of games on Steam about him third party sites like SteamDB or Steam Chartz. Only, as you can imagine, Valve would rather you stay on their Steam service, rather than see you visit other sites. that’s why the editor has decided to overhaul their stats interface with the purpose of integrate more dataY make it easier to analyze the successes of the platform.

Steam: A New Feature Replaces Third-Party Sites Serving Valve

The new statistics section

Valve thus announces the release of a new Steam section, Steam Cards. This replaces the old statistics page that was showing you the currently best selling and most played games. From now on, the statistics will change: for example, the best sellers list will classify the games in based on the turnover they generateeven THROUGH your DLC and transactions In the game. The page will allow you to view the Best sellers in real timeto them Most popular games in real timeto them The best sellers of the weekto them Main news of the month. In addition to the filters and data already available, this redesign brings other improvements. You can for example choose the number of weeks counted for the ranking of the best sellers, in addition to showing the weekly evolution. You will also be able to classify the games according to their sales in such and such regions.

Steam Charts can be searched to this addresson the Steam platform.

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