Stunned, this Varoise receives a monstrous invoice from EDF of 4,300 euros

The amount is enormous: 4,326 euros, precisely. Laure Bezian, 70, received a somewhat surprising regularization bill from EDF. Surprising, because Laure lives alone, in a 50m2 two-bedroom apartment. So far, her monthly bills have reached 60 euros per month, with a bill of 748 euros for the year 2020. So why is EDF asking for that so-called adjustment sum, from the end of 2021? “They didn’t give me any explanation…” the septuagenarian gets carried away. However, it is not for lack of having sought it out. But no success so far. Meanwhile, she refuses to pay this considered astronomical sum. Therefore, EDF has limited the electrical power of her home to 1,000 watts. And that’s not much…


Upon receipt of the invoice, the Dracénoise fell from the clouds. “It was some time after they changed my meter to a Linky”Laura says. Because since your arrival at the accommodation, your bills have been based on an estimated amount between 2019 and the end of 2021… (Read below) date of issuance of the salted invoice. “I called them right away… They explained to me that it was a regularization bill. I told them that you couldn’t pay that much… That I didn’t understand… That I’m alone, that I don’t get very hot, and I don’t have a jacuzzi…” She calls for an investigation to be carried out. Diligent EDF, but confirms how painful. Thereafter, Laure refuses to pay.

In the meantime, he is away from home from March to September 2022 to go to his sick father’s bedside. A friend is in charge of visiting the apartment from time to time. One morning, a foul odor escapes: the freezer has stopped working. And the electricity went off. Told by her friend, Laure quickly makes the connection to her bill. She contacts the EDF services, which confirm that they have reduced her electrical power to 1,000 watts, due to lack of payment on her part. “I explained to them again that this invoice did not correspond to anything, that it was not possible for them to invoice me for such an amount.”

“I couldn’t wash my clothes anymore”

Therefore, EDF commissioned a second investigation. “I was told that a meter malfunction was possible.” But again, same result: “They found nothing…”

Since she returned home on September 4, she can no longer run a washing machine, turn on her oven or use her kettle. “The worst thing about all this is that no one notified me of anything, neither by email nor by phone… I did receive a paper letter dated July 6 in which they asked me to pay 264 euros, otherwise they would reduce my power. But I only saw this letter at the beginning of the month since I wasn’t home…”

So he moved heaven and earth to find a solution. “I asked them what I could do to get my potency back. They told me I had to contact a social worker to help me. I did. But they didn’t find any solution. In the end, the latter advised me to change provider…And that’s what I did by committing to the competition… In the last few days I have returned to normal electrical energy, a little more expensive every month…”

Meanwhile, EDF is still asking for a substantial sum…

EDF: “This bill is due…”

On the side of the EDF communication department, we persist and sign: “Mrs. Bezian’s invoice is due”. And to argue:This kind of situation is never easy. But for the winter 2021/2022 we aim for a consumption of 350 euros per month (1), when in summer we never drop below 60 euros. It’s too much. Its beak should be at least half as large. To explain such overconsumption, we assume that this dwelling must be poorly insulated or that the heating is faulty.“And Laure raises her eyebrows:”But finally, I don’t get almost warm! And I have double glazed windows…”

Still, both sides agree: there’s a problem somewhere.

“During my last call, an EDF advisor made the calculation, adds Laure. The amount claimed would be equivalent to almost 200 euros of electricity per month, during the period from 2019 to 2021. He made it clear that it was impossible…”

What about the readings?

As for the initial regularization bill, it is difficult to understand why Laure’s consumption was only based on two-year estimates…”Normally, it’s up to the client to send their readings or up to Enedis to retrieve them… It’s hard to say what happened…” boot a little on EDF contact. But on Laure’s side, we protest: “No one ever asked me to pick anything up. And then the meters in my residence are all in the same place… Why haven’t the other tenants had any problems?” Laura asks.

some assumptions

Still, EDF sympathizes: “We are aware that the situation must be complicated for Mrs. Bezian. We have to help him and find solutions. She is in contact with our solidarity service, which is in contact with social workers. She was asked for a 50% settlement which she cannot meet. She was also advised to establish an over-indebtedness file at the Banque de France. If her case was accepted, she would only have to pay 20% of the bill. But she refused. We are trying to find a solution…” Not entirely to Laure’s taste, then.

In an attempt to understand this mess, the Dracénoise makes assumptions on his part. “Maybe there was a malfunction with the Linky meter… Maybe also the meter reading was not mine but that of the old restaurant located on the ground floor of my house, which went bankrupt since…”

But all this is just speculation… On the other hand, one thing is for sure, Laure refuses to pay: “I am tenacious, I will fight until the end…”

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