Surprise at the fair: the Chausson 650 profile, exceptionally on a Citroën luggage rack

On the occasion of the Paris Air Show, Chausson exhibits one of his best-sellers in a limited series at Citroën Jumper. This motorhome is the low-profile 650, initially based on the Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit. It is only available during the RV Show, but only a small number of copies are sold.

You won’t find the 650 in the Chausson 2023 catalog. This ultra-compact profile was originally one of the brand’s best sellers, based on the Fiat Ducato. This model takes advantage of the Leisure Vehicle Show, which is being held until Sunday October 2 at Le Bourget, to make its grand return as part of a limited series. Main novelty, its Citroën passenger compartment illustrates the return of the Jumper among the range of chassis used by the manufacturer. Powered by the 140 hp engine, the 650 Citroën Edition is delivered with the Accessories pack that includes, in particular, an awning and a solar panel.

For now, though, it’s just a limited run of a few dozen models for France.

Chausson 650: a tubeless profile

The layout of the 650 remains unchanged and is characterized by the absence of a fixed bed, as the manufacturer has used an electric tilting bed that lowers to the bench seats after lowering the top of the living room table. be upside down face-to-face (order online). Its access is therefore especially easy and its height under the roof very comfortable.

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Independent shower, maxi fridge and XXL dressing room

The rear part houses a transverse bathroom with a separate shower and a large dressing room over a cellar on two wheels. Compact, the kitchen is distinguished by its folding worktop and its refrigerator with an unrivaled capacity of 167 l.

For sale only in the salon, at the price of…

Seen at Le Bourget at 68,580 euros with the Connect Pack. Also available in Challenger (Limited Series 250 Citroën Edition)

Data sheet

  • LxWxH: 6.36×2.35×2.92m
  • Transporter: Citroën Jumper 140 hp
  • Ptac/Cu: 3500/2749kg
  • Seating CG/night/meal: 4/4/5
  • Asleep: electric folding bed 140 x 210 cm; extra bed 130 x 195 cm
  • Main standard equipment: ESP, dual airbags, Start and Stop, tire control system, cruise control, manual cabin air conditioning, 16” wheels, painted front bumpers, electric and heated mirrors, panoramic sunroof, 4000 w fuel heater, refrigerator 167 liters
  • Clean/waste water max.: 95/100 liters

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