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HONOR welcomes your new baby with a shower of great deals from various retailers. We explain how to leave with the HONOR 70 at the best price…

HONOR is busy this fall. Indeed, the manufacturer is back on the European market, in better shape than ever. This September, HONOR unveiled its new mid-range smartphone, the excellent HONOR 70, at the IFA in Berlin. The goal of the HONOR 70? Young adults and teens trying to create content. To do this, the latest from HONOR relies on a camera and a camera that makes sparks. Cherry on the cake? The launch of the HONOR 70 is celebrated with multiple offers.

Discover the HONOR 70

HONOR 70, the best for content creation

2022. Social networks are booming and content creators have never been more numerous. Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, many of you follow influencers and almost as many want to be like them. To help you achieve this goal, HONOR relies on the camera and camera of your HONOR 70. In fact, the manufacturer’s new smartphone is ideal for content creation.

So you can count on its double main camera to do wonders. Its Sony-designed IMX800 sensor is worthy of a premium smartphone. 1/1.49 inches and 54 megapixels, there is something to be proud of. The HONOR does not forget about its other 50 megapixel ultra wide angle and macro main sensor. Thanks to this high-end paraphernalia, your shots are resplendent. Day and night. In fact, the HONOR 70 has a dedicated mode so you can take quality photos even when there is no light.

But content creation also involves video. As a result, the HONOR 70 allows you to record in 720p (16:9), 1080p (16:9 and 21:9) at 30 and 60 FPS, as well as 4K at 30 FPS. HONOR has really thought of everything with a Solo Cut mode, ideal for our vlogger friends. This mode gives you the ability to record two videos in one shot. On the one hand, you have a “wide” view in landscape format. On the other, you can focus attention on a specific person in portrait format. If you are in the middle of a concert, for example, you will have a global representation with the entire stage and all the artists that are there, but also a focus on your favorite singer.


But it is not because HONOR has opted for its photo and video part that the manufacturer has neglected the screen of its HONOR 70. Thus, the latter sports a beautiful 6.67-inch curved OLED displays of the most beautiful effect, with an FHD + definition (2400 x 1080 pixels), a screen of 1.07 billion colors and a refresh rate that can go up to 120 Hz. There is something to marvel at. Whether you want to use it to watch your movies, series, books or other multimedia content, it is ideal.

When you create content, you need a pretty tough smartphone. So, inevitably, HONOR has given its new smartphone autonomy to match. The HONOR 70 is therefore able to follow you for two days for moderate use. It is more than enough to accompany you on all your adventures. Better still, its 66W fast charging system is super practical: in just 22 minutes you recover 50%. Less than an hour is enough for your HONOR 70 to be fully charged. Performance-wise, the HONOR 70 has nothing to be ashamed of thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G+ SoC, which allows you to edit photos and videos without slowdowns, even when multitasking.

Finally, please note that the HONOR 70 benefits from a thin and light design, which is very nice. The smartphone is therefore very practical and comfortable to use every day. It really has it all!

An avalanche of offers for the launch of the HONOR 70

HONOR does not do things by halves to properly accommodate its new mid-range smartphone, a favorite of content creators. Indeed, for the purchase of the HONOR 70, the manufacturer offers you a pair of its Earbuds Pro 3. Powerful bass, crisp treble, active and adaptive noise reduction, these wireless headphones are lightweight and comfortable, giving you an optimal music experience. Plus, just five minutes of charging is enough for two hours of listening. It is worth 199.90 eurosthis is a nice gift of HONOR.

Discover the HONOR 70

To make you really happy, HONOR not only offers you its Earbuds Pro 3 earphones. In fact, at many retailers, the HONOR 70 benefits from a reduced price. In HONOR it drops to 549.99 euros instead of 599.99 thanks to an immediate discount of 50 euros with the “Early Bird” coupon. In addition, you are entitled to a protective armor, until September 22.

At Fnac, the HONOR 70 costs you €499 instead of €549, all thanks to the €50 cashback bonus until September 25. For people who want to take advantage of the opportunity to change their mobile plan, the HONOR 70 is at a low price in SFR. If you subscribe to its 5G plan of 150 GB at 30 euros per month for the first year (then 45 euros per month) before September 26, the HONOR 70 returns you 1 euro (+5 euros per month for 24 months).

Discover the HONOR 70

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