TESTIMONY. “The doctors wanted to disconnect my son…”, the death of a 12-year-old boy moves an entire country

Archie Battersbee was just 12 years old and his death shocked the entire UK. The boy died on Saturday August 6 at the Royal London Hospital, after months in a coma. This little blond boy was found on April 7, unconscious in his room, with a cord wrapped around his neck. According to his family, he was a victim of the “Blackout Challenge” (or scarf game), a popular challenge on social networks, including TikTok. Performed alone or with others, this dangerous challenge involves voluntarily strangling yourself with a scarf, rope, belt, or even a curtain rod. The goal is to experience hallucinatory sensations caused by suffocation.

The consequences can be extremely serious. Loss of consciousness can lead to falls, and lack of oxygen can cause irreversible brain damage or even death. All the rage on TikTok, this challenge has already caused the deaths of eight children. On July 5, two American families whose 9- and 8-year-old girls died for this reason filed a lawsuit against TikTok in Los Angeles. They accuse the social network and its algorithm of offering dangerous content to its young audience without protection.

Although he is brain dead, his parents refuse to pull the plug.

That’s what happened to young Archie. He was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care. Brain scans showed the boy had no…

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