The 30 best tweets that made us laugh this week #457

Hello friends, it’s time for the best tweets of the week that you are waiting for. I hope you all had a great weekend and are excited to get back to work (no) and see the funniest tweets of the week (yes). I take this opportunity to send a message to the person who stole my wallet last night on line 1 of the Paris metro: please give me back my 10 balls, I wanted to buy a hamburger with this lunch.


1. Vision of terror

2. Many of us are doing the same

3. They got the fourth dose early, lucky

4. My dad asks the really important questions.

“I noticed that since I have Covid, coca (soda) has a strange taste” (Coca-Cola can be called “Coke” in English)

“Thanks for specifying”

“Coca-cola (powder) still tastes good? »

5. It’s not the boy-king, it’s the dog-king

7. A dream meal

8. They are right France 4

9. I would have said yes so much


10. Neutral and efficient

11. We don’t know our distributors well…

12. The perfect Venn diagram

British: beans and toast

Ants: They can lift up to 5,000 times their weight.

British AND Ants: Uncanny loyalty to their queen, natural instinct to line up, like to take things that aren’t theirs to bring back to their colony, love of cookies.

13. I just had a revelation…

14. They don’t do it on purpose

15. “If one day I disappear and you put my weight on the wanted poster, I won’t come back”

16. It works every time

17. You have to stop bothering yourself


18. These kids don’t think hard enough.

19. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone.


20. People who use the term “mashed” make me sick.


21. “I should call it…”

Once you’ve seen it, you can’t see anything else

22. “I really don’t see what event in 2001 was more important than the release of Shrek.”


23. Happy birthday Jana!

24. At €6.50 for a café crème, I file a complaint

25. You have good reason to be proud

26. They are lying to us, it is obvious


27. If you’re not wearing an apron with a redneck inscription, it’s not worth having a barbecue.

28. The inventor of lasagna: What if we made pasta in the form of a book?

29. The order was not precise

30. It’s damn similar

That’s all for you, I hope it was good. Don’t hesitate to leave a tip.

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