The chilling testimony of Corinne Masiero to describe the incest of which she was a victim

Actress Corinne Masiero (captain marleau), which he will testify on September 26 in a France 3 documentary, bluntly evokes the incest to which he was a victim in his youth.

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Very difficult words to pronounce. Corinne Masiero will testify before the camera in Incest, say it and listen to it, broadcast on September 26, in the second part of the afternoon, on France 3. If I had already said half a word about the sexual assaults of which he had been a victimthe famous actress of Captain Marleau, He had never mentioned incest before. Within an interview with Tele-Leisureexplained that it was “more than 45 years” before he was able to speak about it and that he agreed to participate in this documentary because “It is part of [son] path. It’s the work of a lifetime“, although it is “painful, because [qu’elle n’a] I haven’t finished my work on it yet“.

It’s like a big disgust going up

in the columns of Shethis Thursday, September 22, 2022, the 58-year-old actress reveals in more detail what happened to him. She says that everything is “he left“During lockdown, coming across a black and white photo:”I am 7 or 8 years old and I am on the back of a cousin who is ten years older and who takes me by the wrists. And the, it’s like a big disgust going upThen he tries to remember what he suffered with the help of a psychologist. “I see myself naked with this cousin in my parents’ garden. He rubs against me, he touches my crotch… lasted years“, pronounces crudely who tries to nuance his resentment at this violence: “Me, it is as if one day Dracula had entered my room. Everything collapsed. But I convinced myself that everything was fine.”

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Corinne Masiero’s decision not to have children

Corinne Masierio He also denounces the difficulty of talking about these attacks when one is a child, about the “silence that kills”. one orMerta in disgusting things“which stems from the fact that”The family is sacred“, although 80 percent of sexual violence against minors occurs in this context. The actress, who also evokes the touching of which her sisters were victims, claims to have chose not to have children:I wanted to break the chain.“She also explains that, “for many reasons“, today she “No longer associate with those with whom [elle est] united, as they say, by blood ties.

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