The complementary pension increases on November 1: this expected increase

Since the beginning of this year, pensions pensions to the basic regime were able to receive a certain revaluation. In fact, last January, they seemed revalued at 1.1% to follow inflation. But with the events at the end of January, the latter had a greater revaluation in July. Therefore, they have could benefit from an additional 4%. thus leading to a total of 5.1% for this year. But the complementary plans will also finally be entitled to an increase. We will explain everything here.


While the French and France must recover from these two years of pandemic, the concerns do not seem to want to end. Even though COVID still exists and continues to rage, she no longer seems to be the main concern. In fact, things went wrong in Eastern Europe and that had many repercussions about the French, who are still workers, children and even pensioners.

In fact, at the end of January, one of the biggest actors of the Eastern World Trade Economy, has decided to end the trades. The leader of this country has decided not to deal anymore with the rest of the world. But besides that, he deprives a border country of ordinary life from him. Therefore, this now they are two countries that cannot and no longer want to deal with Europe. But it affects everyone. Thus, inflation affects all French people and retirees.

The consequences

By depriving it of its exports, this leader has turned the entire pattern of world trade upside down. Since globalization began many years ago, countries are diversifying, but they don’t seem capable of being self-sufficient. Or at least not all of them. And unfortunately, France cannot be self-sufficient or at least, not with this type of consumption. Therefore, staple foods are running out. It must be said that the country known as Europe’s breadbasket can no longer cope with the rest of the world. Therefore, if raw materials become more expensive, all manufactured products are still affected. But the government has launched aid to increase the purchasing power of the French, such as the revaluation of pensions.

In fact, the French have seen their purchasing power undermined. Everything seems much more expensive. And furthermore, according to INSEE figures, it continues to be an inflation of 7.7% for the month of August for one year and for the food sector. But that does not seem to be true for the food sector. Indeed, energies can also run out. That is also why the government asks the French to show energetic sobriety.

pension aid

The French could thus count on the government coming to their aid. With such inflation, it seems impossible that the most modest homes to meet your needs. Thus, the government has presented a bill called Purchasing Power. The latter seemed to be disputed for a long time in the National Assembly. And finally, after long hours of conflictsthis was sent to senate. The latter modified some point before validating the law of Purchasing Power. In the latter, there are many measures such as pension increases.

but the revaluation of pensions corresponded only to pensions of the fund modality. In fact, the state has no control over pensions. complementary. Thus, the revaluation only seemed applicable to the basic schemes. But given the situation, it was also necessary take a step towards complementary diets.

subsistence allowance

Indeed, the grassroots regimes have been able to see their retirement pension increased to 1.1% like every january It turns out that retirement pensions are still indexed to inflation and the amount is recalculated every year. But given the very complex situation in France, the Government decided to recalculate a new revaluation last July. The latter, therefore, seemed to grant 4% height.

But this is still somewhat criticized. In fact, it is the people with the lowest pensions who I need the most help. But as the revaluation is maintained as a percentage, 4% of a small pension does not represent the same amount as for large pensions. As regards supplementary pensions, they did not seem no news. But that just changed.

Supplementary pensions

Supplementary pensions appear to be paid by the organization Agirc-Arrco. These are more than 13 million beneficiaries who therefore worked in the private sector. In other words, this pension is added to that of the basic regime. And for the latter, the revaluation must arrive on November 1. Thus, the revaluation is still under negotiation. Therefore, it appears that this percentage is 4.8% for progression average salary, plus 0.1% catch up with last year.

So in total it is a revaluation of 4.9% which must happen by the beginning of November for supplementary pensions. Thus, the direct pension amounts to 491 euros or represents a revaluation of 4.9% so 24 euros.

And if this increase is not possible for the organization, it is because new jobs are helping to fill the contribution funds. So much so that this year, the plan even seemed to be in surplus, just like last year. Bookings they even amount to 68 billionwhich remains well above the threshold set by the partners Social remaining of the order of 41 billion.

Thus, the unions want even exceed this 4.9%. Therefore, it is a probable increase of 5.1% or even from 5.2%. You can even go up again, going reach 5.4%. But to get to such pensions supplementary pensions, it is necessary to modify the existing agreements. So the decision rests with the entrepreneurs.

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