The fake doctor is back and he reappears as… a future teacher.

Samantha Avril was arrested in September 2020 after posing as a general practitioner for five months. Known as the “false medical of Montceau-les-Mines”, this time he would have gotten into the skin of a pupilto try to integrate the educational institute of Mâcon, informs France 3 Burgundy-Franche-ComtéThursday, September 22, confirming information revealed by Le good public, Wednesday, September 21. The young woman would have falsified diplomas, and pretended to be a student Grenoble, who has the same name as her husband, to apply for a master’s degree at the Institut de Mâcon, a center that trains future university teachers. The University of Burgundy has filed a complaint.

In his candidacy file, the inconsistencies would have intrigued those responsible for selecting the candidates, who would have come to understand the deception. Contacted by our colleagues, Samantha Avril and her attorney declined to comment. I Alain Guignard, however, stated that it was not an event, since they have not been informed of this complaint for the time being.

If these facts are proven, they are much less serious than those committed in 2020. More than two years ago, Samantha Avril, who was 36 years old at the time, had led her entourage, the health authorities and her patients to believe that it was a general. optional. However, it was not so, she reported her in 2020 The Doctor’s Diary. The 30-year-old had (…)

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