The fate of a tirailleur torn by racist clichés

LITERARY RETURN – “Monsieur Senegal” by Antoine Rault was published in August 2022 by Plon

KRISS55, contributor of the group reading 20 minutes Booksrecommend you senegal lord by Antoine Rault, published on August 25, 2022 by Éditions Plon.

Your favorite quote:

The skirmisher, a simple and new soul, is ultimately a big boy who educates himself when he leaves the bush. “The war and the Senegalese tirailleur”, Marcel Eugène Lacaze’s medical thesis (1910).

Why this book?

Because we can only be sensitive to fate. of this character of a Senegalese skirmisher demobilized after serving France during the First World War, especially since he is the narrator with a stunned look.Because Amadou’s common sense questionswith a kindness imbued with naivety, a society that, under cover of good intentions, maintains a modern form of slavery by refusing to emancipate itself through language.

The essentials in 2 minutes

the plot Amadou Lo, 20, is a so-called “Senegalese rifleman”, demobilized after serving in France during the First World War. His return to civilian life in the provinces will be a new struggle for his unique identity and his emancipation from racist clichés.

Characters. Amadou Lo, former number 8028, 6th company of the 73rd BTS (Senegalese Riflemen Battalion), Peul. Robert Desvaux, elder and physician, his wife and his servants.

locations.(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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